Playing for High Stakes

Lorenzo Fertitta (MBA '93)

Las Vegas native Lorenzo J. Fertitta has risen swiftly in the ranks of players in his hometown – and he’s done it without so much as a single bluff.

Fertitta serves as Vice Chairman and President of Station Casinos (NYSE: STN), one of the largest gaming companies in the United States. Based in Las Vegas, its holdings include several casinos in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. “This is a good time to be in the gaming industry. We’ve gotten a boost in the last few years due to the recent mainstream popularity of poker,” commented Fertitta. “The number of people playing the game has increased and the demographic of the players has skewed to a younger crowd – males, ages 25 to 35.”

Gaming may be an ancient business, but it is benefiting from some 21st-century innovations. “Historically, the gaming industry has been low-tech, but we are seeing casino operations and other aspects of the business going more and more high tech,” he said. “Running a casino is really like running 20 different companies – there’s marketing, operations, hospitality, accounting, finance, and more. For people looking to get broad-based business experience, this is a great industry to join.”

As the industry has expanded, Station has also branched out. In addition to video poker, slot machines, table games, bingo, race, and sports book wagering, its properties feature amenities including restaurants, entertainment venues, movie theaters, bowling, and convention/banquet space.

While gaming is essentially a numbers game, running successful businesses in a highly competitive environment like Las Vegas relies on the human factor as well. “Of all the success we’ve had with Station Casinos, I am most proud to have been selected by Fortune magazine as one of the top 100 companies for whom to work,” said Fertitta. “We were ranked at number 18 and are up there with industry giants Nordstrom and Google. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received is to surround yourself with good people and treat them right. Being ranked as one of the top 100 companies to work for was validation for me that we’re doing just that.”

Asked to offer insider’s tips on gambling to his fellow alumni, Fertitta stepped outside his professional persona and exclaimed, “Yes, stop doing it! I took finance with Professor Aswath Damodaran and know that there are better ways to get a return, dollar for dollar.”

Fertitta is also the Chief Executive Officer and a principal owner of Zuffa, LLC, the company that owns and operates the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the United States’ premier mixed martial arts association.

“I grew up in Las Vegas, and the only professional sport we had here was boxing. As I got older, I saw a great opportunity to bring another form of entertainment to Las Vegas,” he explained. “Mixed martial arts is a huge business domestically and the opportunities for growth outside of the US are enormous. We recently opened a London office and have plans to expand into Europe and Asia over the next few years. This is not a sport that needs translating – you put two guys in a cage and let them fight; last one standing wins – everyone understands this concept.”


Noah Holtzman (BS '29), of Lauderhill, FL, recently celebrated his 99th birthday with family and friends, including his children, Warren Lloyd Holtzman (BS '52) and Ellen Holtzman Silverstein, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Dr. Myron Gable (BS '47), of Sarasota, FL, delivered the plenary address at the joint meeting of the Academy of Marketing Science and the American Collegiate Retailing Association.

Mitchell Kaidy (BS '48), of Rochester, NY, a retired journalist, has been named to “Who's Who in the World.” Earlier named to “Who's Who in America,” Kaidy contributed to a series of articles in 1963 that won a special citation from the Pulitzer Prize Committee. In 1993, he won a Project Censored award.

Claude Litton (BS '56), of Holmdel, NJ, has been President of the Manhattan Properties Company for nearly three decades. He has been lauded for single-handedly turning a non-descript office building into a world-renowned textile showroom building.

Irwin Winkler (BS '56), of Beverly Hills, CA, is CEO of Winkler Films. Winkler has made movies for nearly 40 years, first as a producer of films such as the “Rocky” series and recently as a director of “Home of the Brave.”

Anthony J. Monteverdi (BS '58), of Bayside, NY, was recently named “Brooklyn's Banking Innovator” by the Italian Tribune. He is currently Chairman and CEO of Flatbush Federal Savings and Loan Association in Brooklyn, NY.

Dr. Eugene Miller (MBA '59), of Boca Raton, FL, had the college boardroom of Florida Atlantic University's College of Business dedicated to him. Miller is being honored for his outstanding service and support of the college. He has worked as a business executive, journalist, and adjunct professor at both FAU and NYU.

Neal P. Gillen (BS '61), of Potomac, MD, is Executive Vice President and External Counsel for American Cotton Shippers Association in Washington, DC. Gillen also authored his third novel, Dinner in Bordeaux, a post 9/11 thriller taking place in Paris and Bordeaux. His previous two novels are Sugar Time and Capitol Punishment.

Richard E. Schaedle (MBA '61), of Pine Hill, NY, has been appointed Chairman of the Catskill Heritage Alliance. He is also on the boards of Margaretville Memorial Hospital/ Mountainside Resident Care Center and Kingston Hospital.

Jack E. Angel (MBA '63), of Cos Cob, CT, was recently appointed to the Board of Directors for VerusMed, a medical information provider.

Louis S. Kurtzberg (BS '64), of Commack, NY, has been Chairman and Lecturer of the Long Island Chapter of the School Outreach Committee, a volunteer group for people with multiple sclerosis, since June 1994.

Howard W. Serig, Jr. (BS '64, MBA '67), of Vienna, VA, has retired from the US Department of Transportation, where he served as a policy analyst.

Frederic M. Poses (BS '65), of New York, NY, has been appointed non-executive Chairman of the Board of Tyco International Ltd. He is currently Chairman and CEO of American Standard Companies.

Walter F. Raquet (BS '66), of Palm Beach, FL, has been elected non-executive Chairman of the Board at Cross Match Technologies, Inc. He is currently the CEO of WR Capital Management.

Rick S. Traum (BS '67), of Mount Dora, FL, has joined the Board of Directors of the Performing Arts of Lake and Sumter counties. He is a freelance entertainment producer and consultant.

Burton S. Rubin (BS '68), of New York, NY, a real estate broker at Warburg Realty Partnership, has set up several companies selling his inventions, including the Halleyscope and Evo Pen, among others.

Robert M. Beall, II (MBA '69), of Bradenton, FL, stepped down as CEO of Bealls Inc, a position he held for 26 years, but will remain Executive Chairman.

George P. Jahn (MBA '69), of Spencertown, NY, was recently appointed as an independent trustee of the Board of Trustees of American Mortgage Acceptance Company (AMAC). He recently retired as an Associate Real Estate Officer of the New York State Teachers Retirement System (NYSTERS).

Murray Dropkin (MBA '71), of Brooklyn, NY, co-authored with James Halpin Bookkeeping for Nonprofits: A Step-by-Step Guide to Nonprofit Accounting. Murray is currently a consultant at CMS Systems Inc.

Andrew Hanges (BS '71), of Athens, Greece, is CEO of GAM Limited and its subsidiary companies, as well as COO of the GAM Group and Julius Baer Funds. Prior to joining GAM in 1997, he was Area President of First Union National Bank.

Kevin J. Berry (BS '72, MBA '73), of Milpitas, CA, was recently appointed CFO of California Micro Devices, where he has served as interim CFO since March 2006.

Richard S. Fuld, Jr. (MBA '72), of Greenwich, CT, received The Carnegie Hall Medal of Excellence in recognition of his outstanding leadership in arts philanthropy. He is Chairman and CEO of Lehman Brothers.

Robert G. Hill (BS '73), of Syracuse, NY, Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh, has received IABC/Pittsburgh's 2006 Business Communicator of the Year Award.

Martin J. Levine (BS '73), of Manasquan, NJ, will retire effective March 31, 2007, as Executive Vice President and COO at Opteum Financial Services LLC, which he co-founded in 1999.

Mitchell Wienick (MBA '73), of Penn Valley, PA, was recently appointed to the Board of Directors for Pinstripe Inc., a recruitment process outsourcing and services firm.

Thomas G. Hudson (MBA '74), of Schaumburg, IL, has been named CEO of Capital Growth Systems Inc.

Daniel J. Parrett (MBA '74), of Weston, CT, has been named Managing Director at GW Equity. Previously, he was Managing Director at Citigroup Capital Strategies.

Russell L. Pollack (BS '74), of Middletown, NJ, has been named CFO at Bay Crest Partners LLC, a broker/dealer in NYC and a member of the NYSE and American Stock Exchange.

Larry Swedroe (MBA '74), of Saint Louis, MO, is Principal of Buckingham Asset Management. He previously was Vice President of Residential Service Corporation of America.

Ronald V. Waters, III (MBA '75), of Chicago, IL, has been elected to the board of Sabre Holdings Corporation. He recently retired as COO from Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company.

Bonita Z. Dorland (BS '76, MBA '78), of New York, NY, was named Senior Vice President and Chief Credit Officer of PMI Guaranty, a subsidiary of The PMI Group Inc. She was most recently Chief Underwriting Officer and Executive Vice President with Radian Asset Assurance Inc., an insurance company.

Daniel A. Facilla (MBA '76), of West Dover, VT, was recognized as Masonic District 8 2006 Citizen of the Year. This award recognizes Freemasons for service to their community in addition to their charitable work in the Masonic Fraternity. He worked in the New York office of Deloitte, Haskins and Sells as an accountant and later as a CPA.

Christine A. Morena (BS '76, MBA '81), of Mendham, NJ, has been named Executive Vice President of Human Resources for Saks Incorporated. Prior to this appointment, she was Senior Vice President of Human Resources for AT&T Corporation.

Mark Everson (MBA '77), of Arlington, VA, has been named one of the “100 Most Influential People” by Accounting Today. He is currently Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service.

Stephen F. Groth (MBA '77), of Ardsley, NY, is Vice President and CFO of Inner Mongolia Production Company LLC (IMPCO). Previously, he served as Vice President of Global Venture Investments LLC.

Frank C. Ingriselli (MBA '77), of Scarsdale, NY, is President and CEO of Inner Mongolia Production Company LLC (IMPCO), which he founded in 2005.

Cathy Minehan (MBA '77), of Lincoln, MA, the first and only female President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, announced recently that she intends to step down in 2007. Prior to this position, she served at the Federal Reserve in New York.

Dr. Kyu Chang Park (MBA '78), of Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Executive Vice President of eMagin's, has been appointed interim CEO and President. Previously, he was President of eMagin's subsidiary, Virtual Vision Inc.

Robert R. Auray (MBA '79), of Lake Bluff, IL, has been named President and CEO of GENCO Marketplace, which markets and liquidates customers' surplus inventory.

Lori Lee Chan (BS '80, MBA '84), of Jackson Heights, NY, has joined Navios Maritime Holdings Inc. as Senior Vice President and Head of Market Risk Management.

Donald E. Foley (MBA '80), of Cos Cob, CT, has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Wilmington Trust Corporation. He is Senior Vice President, Treasurer, and Director of Taxes for ITT Corporation.

Lines of Communication

Barbara Perlmutter
(MBA '79)

Barbara Perlmutter recently retired as Senior Vice President of Public Affairs for Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc., the global insurance, investment management, and consulting firm. She was responsible for the development and administration of Marsh & McLennan’s internal and external communications, public relations, media, advertising, and corporate philanthropic programs.

“Being the chief communications officer of a growing, dynamic global professional services firm with a diverse portfolio of businesses was demanding but exhilarating. Every day brought new issues to consider,” Perlmutter said.

Perlmutter’s last few years with Marsh & McLennan were especially challenging. The company had a large presence in One World Trade Center. “We lost nearly 300 employees on 9/11,” she recalled. “Communicating effectively with fellow employees, clients, and most importantly, the families of our lost colleagues, while simultaneously dealing with my own personal horror and grief, was the most trying professional challenge I’ve faced.”

The tragedies of September 11, 2001, were followed by internal firm troubles, including allegations of improper conduct in 2003 and 2004 at two of the company’s subsidiaries. Having handled Marsh & McLennan’s communications through both of these tumultuous times, and after 27 years, Perlmutter decided it was time to retire.

“It took me some time to de-stress after my retirement,” she added. “In my time at Marsh & McLennan, serving as the company spokesperson, I was always on call, even on vacation and over holidays. It’s hard to come down from that.”

Since October, Perlmutter has traveled to China, Morocco, and India. “There is a whole big world out there, and so many interesting things to do,” she said. “I’ve given some time and energy to Women in Need – an organization that helps homeless women and their children learn how to live independently; and I have been a frequent participant at the Council on Foreign Relations.” Perlmutter is particularly interested in the Council’s Women and US Foreign Policy program, which focuses on improving the position of women in the developing world through initiatives like micro-financing.

Perlmutter’s interest in helping women grew out of her experience as a young female professional. “Early in my career, I found I was often the only woman in a meeting,” she explained. “I quickly became sympathetic not only to professional women in America, but to women everywhere trying to manage the work/life balance.” As a mother, she understood the need and desire for parents to be with their children. And as a manager, she came to see how challenging it is for companies to accommodate employees’ needs. “Historically, men have had a much easier time in this realm, but with the current generation of parents, I see the tide changing,” she said. “Today responsibility in the home is more equally shared.”

Joseph T. O'Donnell, Jr. (MBA '80), of New York, NY, has joined GE Commercial Finance, Global Sponsor Finance as Managing Director. He has also served as a Managing Director and Partner with Bankers Trust Corp.

Stephen M. Simes (MBA '80), of Long Grove, IL, has been named CEO of BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Joan M. Varrone (MBA '80), of San Francisco, CA, was recently appointed CFO of SenSage Inc., a provider of scalable log-management solutions.

Eric G. Waxman, III (MBA '81), of Stony Brook, NY, has been named Partner at Brown Raysman Millstein Felder & Steiner LLP.

William W. Archer (MBA '82), of Huntington, NY, has been appointed Managing Director and Head of US Leveraged Credit Risk for Barclays Capital. Previously, Archer was Managing Director and Co-chairman of the capital markets committee at Goldman Sachs.

Hans H. Heinsen, Jr. (MBA '82), of Lake Bluff, IL, has joined Collins Industries, Inc. as Vice President and CFO, where he is responsible for accounting and finance. He was previously Executive Vice President, International of Solo Cup Company, Inc. in Highland Park, IL.

Ajai M. Kaul (BS '82, MBA '84), of Chappaqua, NY, is Managing Director of Alliance Bernstein (Singapore) Ltd. Previously, he was CEO and Country Manager of Alliance Capital Asset Management (India) Ltd.

Leonard Bernstein (BS '83), of Briarcliff Manor, NY, built and opened Jackson + Wheeler, a restaurant in Pleasantville, NY, after working as a CFO in Manhattan for more than 20 years.

Murray S. Kessler (MBA '83), of Bedford Corners, NY, has been elected as CEO of UST Inc., the holding company for US Smokeless Tobacco Company. Prior to this election, he served as President and COO for the company.

Bella S. Borg-Brenner (MBA '84), of New York, NY, has joined Stillwater Capital Partners as Managing Director and will head Stillwater's asset-backed real estate intensive fund-of-funds business. She started her career at Credit Suisse in fixed income and asset-backed securities research.

Kirk Cypel (BS '84), of Poway, CA, has been appointed as COO of Equastone, where he first joined as General Counsel.

Nelson G. Eng (BS '84), of Armonk, NY, has been appointed President of eFunds Corporation, which delivers innovative payment processing and information intelligence solutions. Prior to this appointment, Eng was General Manager and Group Vice President of the financial services sector for Oracle Corporation.

Frank J. Fanzilli (MBA '84), of Norwalk, CT, has been appointed to the Board of Directors for Avaya Inc. He spent 18 years at Credit Suisse First Boston, most recently as the Global CIO and Managing Director, before retiring in 2002.

Deborah Gronvold (MBA '84), of Portland, OR, has been named Vice President and Treasurer of PPM Energy Inc.

Thomas A. King (MBA '84), of Chagrin Falls, OH, has published a book, More Than a Numbers Game: A Brief History of Accounting, which reflects many of his learnings from NYU Stern.

Mary B. Safrai (MBA '84), of New York, NY, has been appointed Associate Director, Oil & Gas Group at C.K. Cooper & Company. Prior to this appointment, she worked at Carl H. Pforzheimer & Co.

Howard B. Fife (MBA '85), of Scarsdale, NY, has joined Westport Capital Partners LLC as a Principal and Head Trader. He previously worked for Jefferies and Company.

James L. Hamilton, Jr. (MBA '85), of Armonk, NY, rejoins JPMorgan Chase & Co. as a Managing Director in its transportation group. He had previously spent 15 years at the firm during the 1980s and 1990s. Most recently, he worked at Integrated Finance Ltd., a boutique founded by former JPMorgan employees.

Rolf M. Kemen (MBA '85), of Minneapolis, MN, is Managing Director of the CBRE Consulting group in the Minneapolis office. He is responsible for overseeing consulting assignments across the US.

Pin Lee (BS '85), of East Williston, NY, has joined a new private client banking team at Signature Bank as Senior Client Associate.

Britton H. Murdoch (MBA '85), of Bryn Mawr, PA, Founder and Managing Director of Strattech Partners LLC, has been elected to the Board of Directors of Bryn Mawr Corporation and its wholly-owned subsidiary, The Bryn Mawr Trust Company.

Yuji Orihara (MBA '85), of Matsudo, Japan, was appointed President and Representative Director of Amgen K.K., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amgen Inc., in 1992. Prior to this appointment, he was Senior Managing Director at Novartis Pharma K.K.

Joshua Metzger (BS '86), of Beverly Hills, CA, has been named Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Veoh Networks, a leading innovator in Internet television. He was previously Senior Vice President of Business Affairs at Go To/Overture.

Steven P. Spencer (MBA '87), of Livingston, NJ, has been appointed CEO of Upoc Networks Inc. He was the former Chief Technology Officer for the company.

Vanessa Wilson (MBA '87), of New York, NY, has been elected to the Board of Directors of Protective Life Corporation. She is also Managing Director at Deutsche Bank Securities.

Racahamim R. Elitzur (MPhil '87), of Toronto, Ontario, received the Award for Excellence in Teaching at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management. He is currently Edward J. Kernaghan Professor of Financial Analysis and is also an Associate Professor of Accounting at University of Toronto.

Lorraine Hack (BS '88), of New York, NY, has joined Heidrick & Struggles as a Partner. Previously, she was an Executive Director at Russell Reynolds Associates. Prior to her recruiting career, she spent 15 years as a financial executive in the media and entertainment industry.

Donald M. Preate (BS '88, MBA '94), of New York, NY, has been promoted to Executive Director at Cushman & Wakefield, a commercial real estate services firm. He was previously a Senior Director.

Ivye L. Allen (MBA '89), of Jackson, MS, has been named President of the Foundation for the Mid South.

John R. Dearbon, Jr. (MBA '89), of Houston, TX, has been named Vice President of Business Development for the Basic Plastics and Chemical portfolio at Dow Chemical Company. Previously, he was Vice President for Energy.

Lars E. Holmquist (MBA '89), of Alpharetta, GA, was recently appointed President of ESC Loyalty. He previously served as Vice President of MasterCard's loyalty consulting services.

Patrick Yan-Kit Lu (MBA '89), of New York, NY, has been named Director of Equity Capital Markets at Cowen and Company LLC.

Walter J. Owens (MBA '89), of Summit, NJ, has been appointed President of CIT Corporate Finance at CIT Group Inc. Previously, he was Executive Vice President and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of CIT.

Regina Shafir (BS '89), of Brooklyn, NY, designs jewelry and tiaras for the bridal and formal wear markets.

Janet Valenza (MBA '89), of New York, NY, has joined Closets By Design, a national $250 million company, as Sales and Design Manager. Prior to this position, she worked for major apparel companies, including Polo Ralph Lauren.

Jordan D. Alexander (MBA '90), of Ridgewood, NJ, has joined Bear Stearns Asset Management Inc., from BKF Capital Group as a Managing Director. Previsouly, he was with Palisade Capital Management.

Rajiv Dalal (MBA '90), of Princeton, NJ, has been appointed Global Sales Head, Knowledge Solutions, for Kale Consultants Ltd.

Barry S. Eyre (BS '90), of Coventry, RI, established SaintJohnStone, a company that imports and distributes slabs of polished granite, marble, onyx, and other exotic stones, with several partners in January 2005. He previously worked as a derivatives trader for Deutsche Bank in London.

Timothy Mahoney (MBA '90), of Westfield, NJ, has been named CEO of Block Interest Discovery Service (BIDS), the newly formed alternative trading system designed to increase competition and liquidity in the US equity block trade market. Prior to this appointment, Mahoney was Head of Equity Trading for Merrill Lynch Investment Managers.

From Moscow to Washington

Peter Derby (BS '83)

Peter Derby’s childhood as the son of immigrants shaped a philosophy that draws on both Russian traditions and American values. This philosophy, combined with his NYU education, guided Derby to a rewarding and diverse career that spanned the globe.

As a Stern undergraduate, Derby worked as a backstage director for veteran rock promoter Ronald Delsener (BS ’59). After graduation, Derby began his career at Chase Manhattan Bank before moving to National Westminster Bank USA. In 1987, Delsener, remembering Derby’s fluency in Russian, invited him to join Billy Joel’s Russian tour as an unofficial translator and assistant to Joel’s tour manager. The time in Russia piqued Derby’s interest in the country, from which his parents had emigrated in 1948, and led to his role in helping create its private banking industry.

“I believe that every employee – from the CEO to the janitors – must believe in a company’s mission and values,” Derby said. He drew upon his own values of honesty and integrity – and his Stern textbooks – while helping launch Russia’s private banking industry in the 1990s. “We felt good coming home at night because we knew that our work was aligned with our values,” he said. “We were there to promote capitalism, not to rip anyone off.”

Derby served as the first Chief Financial Officer of Russia’s DialogBank in 1990, and later served as its President and CEO, and, ultimately, as its Chairman. Simultaneously, in 1991, he founded and ran Troika Dialog, Russia’s first investment bank. In 1995, Derby founded Troika Dialog Asset Management, which launched Russia’s first comprehensive group of domestic mutual funds.

Derby and his wife left Russia in July 1998, seeking an American education for their son. Plans changed when Russia’s economy collapsed a month later. “I returned to liquidate the commercial bank and to make sure everyone was paid back,” he said. This unpaid work kept Derby in Russia another three years.

Upon his return to the United States in 2001, Derby knew that government service was his next calling. He served as an elected member of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Irvington, NY. In 2003, William Donaldson, the newly appointed Chairman of the SEC and an old acquaintance from Russia, invited Derby to serve as part of his leadership team as Managing Executive for Operations and Management. Donaldson was familiar with Derby’s commitment to honesty, integrity, and his knowledge of how to navigate within bureaucratic organizations. At the SEC, he oversaw technical, administrative, and managerial operations with primary responsibility for the regulation of capital markets and financial exchanges.

Derby, who is now in the midst of launching an investment fund focused on a new stakeholder relationship business model, looks back at his undergraduate experience as “a fantastic opportunity for a guy from an immigrant family to get an education.” He is impressed with “the blend of intellectual curiosity and leadership” that today’s NYU students share. For those seeking career advice, Derby preaches passion. “If you can figure out what you really love to do, the rest will fall into place.”

Kenneth R. Russell, Jr. (MBA '90), of Wallingford, CT, has been appointed President of the Greenwich, CT, office of Asset Management Advisors (AMA), an affiliate of SunTrust Banks Inc.

Mark J. Weiner (MBA '90), of Coppell, TX, has been appointed Vice President of Customer Care for Choice Hotels International Inc. He was previously Vice President at Travelocity.

William Zerella (MBA '90), of Los Gatos, CA, has joined Turin Networks from Infinera as CFO and Vice President of Finance and Administration. Prior to Infinera, Zerella was with Calient Networks and Logictier.

Adam C. Berger (BS '91), of Portland, OR, opened Ten-01 with co-owner, Michael Rypkema. The new restaurant hopes to bring accessible glamour to the local area.

Theophanis Phanos (MBA '91), of New York, NY, has been appointed to the Board of Global Oceanic Carriers Limited, a Greek-based dry bulk shipping company, as a non-executive Director. He is Co-founder of Trafalgar Asset Managers and CIO of Trafalgar Recovery Fund and Trafalgar Discovery Fund. Prior to Trafalgar, Phanos worked at Bankers Trust, Lehman Brothers, and Deutsche Bank.

Tayeb Tahir (MBA '91), of Barrington, RI, has been named Senior Vice President of International Development for Peabody Energy, the world's largest private-sector coal company.

William I. Woodson (MBA '91), of Woodside, CA, has joined Credit Suisse as Managing Director and Head of Family Wealth Management for Private Banking USA. He was formerly Merrill Lynch's Senior Partner on a private wealth advisory team.

Joe Eberhardt (MBA '92), of Auburn Hills, MI, left his position as Chrysler Group's Executive Vice President, Global Sales, Marketing, and Service, to return to automotive retailing within the Mercedes-Benz network.

Gerald L. Zambory (MBA '92), of Marietta, GA, has been appointed Executive Vice President and CFO of Wincup Inc, a leading manufacturer and distributor of disposable foodservice products. Prior to this appointment, he was Vice President at Georgia-Pacific's Pulp and Paper business segment.

Erik T. Asgeirsson (BS '93, MBA '02), of New York, NY, has been named one of the “100 Most Influential People” by Accounting Today. He is currently the CEO at CPA2Biz Inc.

Kathleen M. Delaney (MBA '93), of Belle Mead, NJ, has been named Senior Director of Marketing at Dow Jones Indexes. Previously, she served as Director of Business Marketing at Factiva, where she was instrumental in the strategic positioning of a number of content solutions, including the use of viral marketing and blogs.

Andrew Lazarus (MBA '93), of Scarsdale, NY, has been appointed Executive Vice President, CFO of Genesys Conferencing, a global multimedia conferencing service. He served as Chief Strategy Officer since he joined the firm in 2003.

Jason L. Malamud (MBA '93), of New York, NY, has been named Vice President and General Manager of Verizon FiOS Media, responsible for advertising sales on Verizon's FiOS platform. He was previously Vice President, Affiliate Advertising Sales and Marketing, for MTV Networks.

Fabio Pesce (MBA '93), of Cagliari, Italy, has been named General Manager, Italy, for Twinings, a UK tea manufacturer.

Mark S. Wittman (MBA '93), of Brooklyn, NY, has joined Banc of America Securities as a Managing Director in its Consumer and Retail Investment Banking group.

Jeffrey C. Baker (MBA '94), of Holmdel, NJ, has been promoted to CIO of Dalton, Greiner, Hartman, Maher & Co. LLC (DGHM). He joined DGHM in 2000 and most recently served as Executive Vice President, focusing on healthcare and energy.

Laurie E. Goodman (MBA '94), of New York, NY, has been acknowledged by the University of Rhode Island as the College of Engineering Dean's List Honoree. She is Managing Director at JPMorgan Asset & Wealth Management.

Jeffrey I. Kaufman (MBA '94), of Saratoga Springs, NY, has been named Account Director at the Selva Group, an inVentiv Health company providing medical education and event management.

Peter S. Morgan (BS '94), of Hoboken, NJ, has been named Partner at Thacher, Proffitt & Wood LLP. He belongs to the Structured Finance Practice Group.

Thomas J. Murphy (MBA '94), of Darien, CT, has been promoted to Managing Director of General Atlantic, a leading private equity firm. He has been CFO of General Atlantic for the past seven years.

Roger Burkhardt (MBA '95), of Irvington, NY, has been appointed President and COO of Ingres, an open-source database company that spun off from Computer Associates in 2005. He has also served as the Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of the New York Stock Exchange.

Jorge L. Figueredo (MBA '95), of Mahwah, NJ, has been appointed Senior Vice President, Human Resources, by Dow Jones & Company Inc. He was named HR “Executive of the Year” by Human Resources Executive magazine in 1999 and was listed among the 100 “Most Influential Hispanics” by Hispanic Business magazine in 2004.

Richard S. Hauer (MBA '95), of Princeton, NJ, has joined The Schonbraun McCann Group LLP as a partner and will lead its expanded restructuring and bankruptcy services practice. Prior to this position, he was Co-founder and Principal of GeminiRealty Advisors LLC.

Susan Perkins Rodriguez (MBA '95, MPhil '04, PhD '06), of Evanston, IL, received tenure from Northwestern University, where she specializes in macroorganizational behavior.

James Volkwein (MBA '95), of Greenwich, CT, has been named one of the “40 under 40” bankers who represent the way Wall Street is evolving today by Investment Dealers Digest. He is currently the Global Head of Deutsche Bank's Private Placements and previously worked in similar functions at Merrill Lynch and Barclays Capital.

Marco M. Bianconi (MBA '96), of Rome, Italy, has been appointed Director to the Fund of Theorema Europe Fund Ltd. He has worked as the CFO of Caltagirone SpA in Rome, Equity Analyst and Portfolio Manager at Fidelity Investments in London, IRI Rome, Credit Suisse First Boston, and Merrill Lynch in New York.

Travis E. Bradford (MBA '96), of Cambridge, MA, has published the book Solar Revolution.

Robert L. Levy (MBA '96), of Ridgewood, NJ, has been named CFO of American Mortgage Acceptance Company (AMAC). He has served as the Director of Capital Markets of CharterMac, AMAC's external advisor, since 2001. Prior to CharterMac, he was Vice President in the Real Estate Equity Research and Investment Banking departments at Robertson Stephens in San Francisco.

Ashim Mehra (MBA '96), of New York, NY, has been promoted to Senior Research Analyst at Mazama Capital Management. Previously, he worked for RBC Capital Markets, specializing in the media broadcasting sector.

Pamela Robinson (MBA '96), of Mamaroneck, NY, is the Director of Finance and Administration for Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation. She previously served as Director of Business Affairs for Marketing Entertainment Group of America.

Aaron Skloff (MBA '96), of Berkeley Heights, NJ, has been awarded the Accredited Investment Fiduciary designation from the Center for Fiduciary Studies. He is the CEO of Skloff Financial Group.

Benjamin T. Belveal (MBA '97), of Atlanta, GA, has been named Vice President, Strategic Services, for the Design Forum, a retail design consultancy.

Ralph G. D'Ambrosio (MBA '97), of Halesite, NY, has been promoted to CFO of L-3 Communications. He previously served as L-3's Vice President of Finance and Principal Accounting Officer. Prior to joining L-3 Communications, he was a Senior Manager in the Accounting and Auditing department at Coopers & Lybrand LLP.

John Orwin (MBA '97), of Hillsborough, CA, has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, BioOncology, at Genentech, Inc. Previously, he was Franchise Vice President within Johnson & Johnson's Ortho Biotech division.

Himanshu A. Patel (BS '97), of Crofton, MD, has been named the “Best Analyst among Earnings Estimators in Auto Components” by Forbes. He is currently Vice President at JPMorgan.

Michael C. Pinto (MBA '97), of Yardley, PA, has been named Vice President of Sales for Model N Inc., which provides revenue management solutions for life sciences companies.

Oliver M. Schweitzer (MBA '97), of New York, NY, has been named Principal of AdMedia Partners, a boutique investment bank.

James B. Cooke (MBA '98), of Mineola, NY, married Amy E. Noble at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Manhattan on August 26, 2006.

Paula A. Kalandiak (MBA '98), of Playa Del Rey, CA, has joined First Albany Capital Inc. as Principal and Senior Analyst in the Equity Research Group. Previously, she was a senior analyst at Roth Capital.

John J. Kirsch (MBA '98), of Riverside, CT, has been named Director of AdMedia Partners, a boutique investment bank.

David L. Shaw (MBA '98), of New York, NY, has been named Partner at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP.

Samuel F. Wright (MBA '98), of Ramsey, NJ, has joined Flackman, Goodman & Potter, P.A., as Partner and Head of Transaction Advisory Servies Group.

Joseph I. Feldman (MBA '99), of New York, NY, has been named Managing Director of Hardlines at Telsey Advisory Group.

Robin B. Hazelwood (MBA '99), of New York, NY, has published her first novel, the autobiographical Model Student: A Tale of Co-eds and Cover Girls. She modeled in New York, Paris, London, and Milan during the 1980s and 1990s.

Tomasz M. Jozefacki (BS '99, MBA '02), of Brooklyn NY, has been appointed Head of Development at the Internet division of Agora SA.

Jason P. Morris (BS '99), of New York, NY, married Kavita Kanti Contractor at the Westin Governor Morris in Morristown, NJ, on September 3, 2006. He is Vice President at Lehman Brothers.

Banking on Global Experience

Joyce Phillips
(MBA '92)

Joyce Phillips spends about two weeks of every month on the road. But during her travels, the Citi executive – Phillips is Head of International Retail Banking for Citi’s Global Consumer Group – is more focused on finding interesting people than interesting places.

As the executive responsible for strengthening, expanding, and developing Citi’s global retail banking franchise, Phillips is committed to developing world-class talent and counts on a strong team of professionals. “It is essential to have the best possible people in the right positions in order to deliver results,” said Phillips.

Phillips manages a complex franchise at Citi. The International Retail Bank has more than 50 million customer accounts in 40 countries, multiple product lines, and a vast branch and non-branch distribution network.

“Global” has come to define Phillips’ career. She moved to Japan to obtain international experience in the mid-1980s working for a large trading company, Nissho-Iwai Corp., and left to pursue her Stern MBA in marketing and international business in the most global city in the world. After graduation, she worked in packaged goods as a product manager before returning to the finance sector. “Adding the marketing perspective, in particular the commitment to drive innovative ways to better serve customers, has proven invaluable in my career,” Phillips said.

Phillips joined Citigroup in 1999 to head the cards business in Japan as President and Representative Director of Citicorp Card Services, Inc. In February 2000, she was given the additional role of President and CEO of Citicorp Diners Club Japan. In the ensuing years, she held a series of leadership positions in Japan, including Country Business Manager of Citibank’s consumer operations and Representative Director of Citibank’s Retail Bank.

A member of the Citi Management Committee, Phillips was recently named one of US Banker’s “25 Most Powerful Women in Banking.” Despite not having had a formal mentor herself, she is strongly committed to the role of mentoring. “The mentoring experience is very energizing,” said Phillips, who has mentored several Stern students. “Sharing ideas and experiences benefits both the mentor and mentee, and I’ve gained a great deal from the mentoring.”

Adam B. Weiner (MBA '99), of New York, NY, joined the Core Equity Group of RS Investments as an analyst. Prior to joining RS Investments, he was a research analyst at Credit Suisse Asset Management and also worked on the sell-side at both Credit Suisse First Boston and Morgan Stanley covering aerospace and defense.

Chun W. Yi (MBA '99), of New York, NY, has been promoted to Vice President at Quadrangle Group LLC, a private investment firm based in New York. Prior to this promotion, she was an associate in the Diversified Industries Group at JPMorgan.

Betty A. Bastidas (BS '00), of Brooklyn, NY, recently had her photo essays featured in the San Antonio, TX, exhibit, “Sound Gallery: de Ushuaia a San Antonio.” The exhibit was sponsored by Wells Fargo and the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Eugenia R. Cheng (MBA '00), of Potomac, MD, was appointed Director and COO of the newly launched firm of JT Partners, dedicated to raising capital for private equity firms with a focus on real estate.

Kevin M. Christiano (MBA '00), of Hoboken, NJ, has joined Banc of America Securities as Senior High-Grade Research Analyst covering the media and telecommunications sectors.

Ronald Doria (MBA '00), of Parlin, NJ, has been promoted to Senior Research Analyst at Mazama Capital Management, where he has worked since 2004. Previously, he was Senior Health Care Analyst at Dreyfus.

Daniel J. McManus (MBA '00), of Portland, OR, has been named Chief Marketing Officer of WhiteFence, an online comparison marketplace for essential homeservices. Prior to this appointment, he was President and CEO for Strictly Direct Inc.

Xavier Negroni (MBA '00), of Rockville, NY, has been appointed Managing Director in the Global Markets group of Bank of America. Previously, he worked at JPMorgan.

Camille Young (MBA '00), of Jersey City, NJ, recently founded BaGua Juice in Jersey City, NJ. Previously, she served as a Project Manager for Bain & Co.

Nicholas Paul Jason Chapman (MBA '01), of Norwalk, CT, has been appointed Director of Knox & Company, an investment bank for middle-market and cross-border mergers and acquisitions. He was previously Managing Director of Dunn Johnston & Company and Vice President with Carery Metts & Associates.

Spencer Chesman (MBA '01), of Bedford Corners, NY, is CEO of, the largest Internet retailer of gourmet cheese in the country, rated “best gourmet food” website by Forbes magazine. He previously worked at JPMorgan.

Neil S. Glass (MBA '01), of Millburn, NJ, was appointed Vice President, Finance and Operations, of Ziff Davis' Consumer/Small Business Group (CSB). Prior to joining Ziff Davis in 2003, he was an associate in equity research for RBC Capital Markets/Royal Bank of Canada.

Constantine Boyadjiev (MBA '02), of Jersey City, NJ, has recently joined Cohen & Company as Managing Director for risk management functions. He previously served as Senior Vice President at KBC Financial Products USA Inc.

Leslie J. Harrington (MBA '02), of Old Greenwich, CT, is a color consultant who helps manufacturers determine the palette of their products and packages. Her clients have included Crayola, Pottery Barn, and Avon. Previously, she was Director of Color for the paint company Benjamin Moore.

Bryan T. Lapidus (MBA '02), of Edgewater, NJ, has joined Fannie Mae as Director of Financial and Capital Planning. He celebrated the birth of his second daughter, Eliana Fae, on October 16, 2006.

William C. Gremp (MBA '04), of New York, NY, has been named to the Board of Directors for Prospect Energy Corporation.

Steven Craig Miller (MBA '04), of New York, NY, married Sheera Godfrey Ben-David at the Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle, NY, on July 2, 2006.

Louis Pizante (MBA '04), of Beverly Hills, CA, has been named CEO of Mavent Inc., a provider of automated compliance solutions to the financial services industry.

Dr. Hui (David) Shao (MBA '04), of Green Brook, NJ, has been appointed Senior Vice President of Finance at China Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company Inc. Prior to this appointment, he was a healthcare analyst at Wall Street investment firms in New York.

Mayank Singh (MBA '04), of Boynton Beach, FL, has joined Monomoy Capital Partners LP as Senior Associate.

Howard Stevenson (MBA '04), of Highlands Ran, CO, has been hired by Meridian Gold as Vice President, Business Development.

Edith Kong (MBA '05), of Hillsborough, NY, has been appointed CFO and a member of the Board of Directors at Renhuang Pharmaceuticals Inc., a leading provider of natural bio-pharmaceutical products in China.

Patrick Mispagel (MBA '05), of New York, NY, has been hired as an underwriter at ACA Capital, a New York-based bond insurer. Prior to joining ACA Capital, he tracked local government credits in the Northeast for Moody's Investors Service.

Christopher M. Donegan (MBA '06), of Wakefield, MA, has joined the associate team of Downer & Company, LLC, an international investment banking firm. He previously was an equity analyst at Conning & Company.

Shaun S. Mehtani (BS '06), of New York, NY, has been named Vice President of Operations of his family business, Mehtani Restaurant Group, which operates upscale, primarily Indian restaurants in Morristown and Edison.

Silvia M. Mestre (MBA '06), of Miami, FL, has been appointed by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida as Senior Manager of Market Development for South Florida. Previously, she worked in brand management at Johnson & Johnson's consumer products division.



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