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NYU Stern Launches Course on the Financial Crisis Causes and Remedies

NYU Stern MBA students have been able to immediately benefit from the scholarly work of the Stern faculty co-authors of the book, “Restoring Financial Stability: How to Repair a Failed System,” through a five-lecture course based on the book’s contents and taught by a dozen of the faculty authors. Students who took the course, oversubscribed minutes after it was offered, learned first-hand from academic and industry experts about the reasons why the crisis began and policy recommendations that may help reform the financial system.

Full versions of each of the five courses are now available online. To view the presentations in your web browser, select any of the links below.

Course One on the Financial Crisis of 2007-09

Introduction by Prof. Matt Richardson

Prof. Edward Altman Explains Current Conditions in Global Credit Markets

Prof. Matt Richardson Gives a Bird's Eye View of Restoring Financial Stability

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Course Two on the Financial Crisis of 2007-09

Prof. Stijn Van Niewerburgh Talks About the Mortgage Markets

Prof. Lawrence White Discusses the Role of Rating Agencies in the Crisis

Prof. Philipp Schnabl on Bank Leverage

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Course Three on the Financial Crisis of 2007-09

Prof. Matt Richardson Addresses Government Sponsored Entities

Prof. Roy Smith Discusses Enhanced Regulation of Large, Complex Financial Institutions

Prof. Anthony Lynch Talks about Hedge Funds in the Aftermath of the Financial Crisis

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Course Four on the Financial Crisis of 2007-09

Prof. Ingo Walter Explains Corporate Governance and Compensation in the Modern Financial Sector

Prof. Matthew Richardson Talk about Systemic Risk

Prof. Robert Engle Talks about Fixing the Over-the-Counter Market

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Course Five on the Financial Crisis of 2007-09

Prof. Thomas Philippon Presents on Crisis Management and the Design of Financial Bailouts

Prof. Viral Acharya Discusses Government Guarantees

Dean Thomas F. Cooley Gives a Historical Perspective from the Great Depression

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