NYU Stern School of Business

Undergraduate College


Fall 2012

Instructor Details

Dryer, Lawrence


(516) 359-9384

MW 9:15 - 10:15



Kristen Kim


(718) 887-4533




Course Meetings

MW, 8:00am to 9:15am

Tisch T-UC25

Final Exam:

Schedule exceptions
    Class will not meet on:
    Class will meet on:


Course Description and Learning Goals

Course Objectives:


  1. To understand the theory, concepts and procedures utilized in the accounting process.


        2.  Assist you in becoming intelligent users of the primary financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flows).


        3.  To supplement the course material with practical applications which illustrate the above.


Course Outline


      Course Outline    
          Homework Assignment
Date Topic Chapter   Exercises Problems Other




Financial Statements &  Ch.1     2,11 1  
  Business Decisions          
9/17,9/19 Investing & Financing Decisions Ch. 2   4,6 3,5  
  & the Balance Sheet          
9/24 Operating Decisions & the Ch. 3        
  Income Statement          
 '9/26 Self - Study Session Ch. 3   3,4    
10/1 Operating Decisions & the Ch. 3     2,4 (items 1-3  only) CP 3-8
  Income Statement          
10/3, 10/8 Adjustments, Fin. Statements & Ch. 4   7 7 COMP 4-1
  the Quality of Earnings         items 1-6, for item 4
            do not prepare
            Statement of C/Flows
10/10 MIDTERM 1          
10/15 NO CLASS          
10/17 Communicating & Interpreting Ch. 5     4,6  
  Accounting Information          
10/22, 10/24 Reporting & Interpreting Sales Ch. 6   TBD TBD  
  Revenue, Receivables & Cash          
10/29, 10/31 Reporting & Interpreting Cost Ch. 7   TBD TBD  
  of Goods Sold          
11/5, 11/7 Reporting & Interpreting PP&E, Ch. 8   TBD TBD  
  Natural Resources & Intangibles        
11/12, 11/14 Reporting & Interpreting Liabs. Ch. 9   TBD TBD  
11/19 MIDTERM 2          
11/21, 11/26 Reporting & Interpreting Bonds Ch. 10   TBD TBD  
11/28, 12/3 Reporting & Interpreting      TBD TBD  
  Owner's Equity          
12/5,12/10, Statement of Cash Flows Ch. 11   TBD TBD  



There are reading and/or problem assignments for each class (see detailed schedule).  Please bring the textbook to every class as it will be utilized.  The homework assignments should be written out (Excel spreadsheet, Word document is acceptable and you should be prepared to discuss them in class.) Periodically and on a random basis as instructed by me, you will submit your homework assignment answers to the Teaching Assistant via the Digital drop box on Blackboard for grading. It is recommended that in addition to the homework assignments, you review the self-study items contained within each chapter if you are having difficulties with the homework assignments.


Required Course Materials

Financial Accounting: Libby, Libby & Short,  7thedition; McGraw Hill Learning Solutions; custom edition for New York University



Assessment Components

Final Grades will be determined as follows:


Midterm 1:     25%

Midterm 2:     30%

Final Exam:  35%

Homework:   10%




Basically, I stack up everyone’s weighted average from top to bottom and use the official “Undergraduate Grading Guideline for Core Courses: to allocate the grades.  I do, however, take some intangibles into account, particularly if you are on the cusp of two grades (e.g., A- and B+).  These intangibles include but are not limited to class participation, class preparation, class attendance, and trends in your exams. 


This is the official "Undergraduate Grading Guideline for Courses"




If you believe that an exam has been incorrectly graded, you must submit and hand in to me a written request within 7 days of the announcement of grades, including a brief written statement identifying what may have been incorrectly graded and why you believe that an error in grading has been made. Requests made after that will not be considered. Please note that the entire exam will be re-graded. Only exams written in pen will be considered for re-grade and no crossed out or erased answers will be considered for re-grading. Exams that have been or are suspected of being altered for the purpose of re-grading will not be re-graded and the Student Disciplinary Committee will be notified.


Professional Responsibilities For This Course


As we will cover a great deal of material in the class sessions (which may include material not covered in the readings and/or homework), your attendance will be critical to keeping current and being prepared for the exams.


Active participation in class could favorably reflect upon your grade; particularly in those situations where the average of your exam and homework scores is between two grades.


Class attendance is mandatory and will only be excused for a documented serious illness, family emergency, religious observance or civic obligation. With respect to your absence, you must email me and the Teaching Assistant informing us of such in advance except for serious illness and family emergency where you should email us as soon as possible if you cannot do so in advance. You should expect that attendance will be taken. If you have unexcused absences, you should expect that such will result in you receiving a lower overall grade than the results of your exam and homework scores calculate to.


Students are expected to arrive to class on time and to stay to the end of the class period. Further, it is expected that students will conduct themselves with respect and professionalism toward faculty and students in class. Accordingly, disruptions such as talking to other students, texting and connectivity to the Internet via laptops, I – pads, cell phones or other electronic devices are not permitted as they are a distraction to everyone. To comply with such, please turn off these devices prior to the start of class with the only exception being the use of your laptop or I - pad to take class notes or review homework assignments. In this regard, I know I can count on your compliance; however, I reserve the right to disallow the use of any electronic device by individuals who do not comply.




Course announcements will be made on Blackboard or via e-mail to your Stern account only. Solutions to homework assignments will be posted to Blackboard. It is your responsibility to check Blackboard and your email frequently to ensure that you do not miss any important announcements (e.g.; due dates for homework submissions, etc.) or posting of documents.


E-mail Policy:


Initially, you should submit your questions via email to the Teaching Assistant who will reply to you with a copy to me. I will review the TA’s email response to you and if needed, I will supplement the e-mail. Your email to the TA must include a subject, and your name clearly identifying yourself as my student. Please ensure that your e-mail queries are self – contained and detailed and can be answered in a reasonably short way. Also, unless your question is specific to a particular problem in the readings or a homework assignment exercise/problem, please pretend that we are with no books or documents in sight when we receive your email or we may not be able to appropriately answer you.





Stern Policies

General Behavior
The School expects that students will conduct themselves with respect and professionalism toward faculty, students, and others present in class and will follow the rules laid down by the instructor for classroom behavior.  Students who fail to do so may be asked to leave the classroom. 


Collaboration on Graded Assignments
Students may not work together on graded assignment unless the instructor gives express permission. 


Course Evaluations
Course evaluations are important to us and to students who come after you.  Please complete them thoughtfully.


Academic Integrity

Integrity is critical to the learning process and to all that we do here at NYU Stern. As members of our community, all students agree to abide by the NYU Stern Student Code of Conduct, which includes a commitment to:

The entire Stern Student Code of Conduct applies to all students enrolled in Stern courses and can be found here:

Undergraduate College: http://www.stern.nyu.edu/uc/codeofconduct
Graduate Programs: http://w4.stern.nyu.edu/studentactivities/involved.cfm?doc_id=102505

To help ensure the integrity of our learning community, prose assignments you submit to Blackboard will be submitted to Turnitin.  Turnitin will compare your submission to a database of prior submissions to Turnitin, current and archived Web pages, periodicals, journals, and publications.  Additionally, your document will become part of the Turnitin database.


Recording of Classes

Your class may be recorded for educational purposes


Students with Disabilities

If you have a qualified disability and will require academic accommodation of any kind during this course, you must notify me at the beginning of the course and provide a letter from the Moses Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD, 998-4980, www.nyu.edu/csd) verifying your registration and outlining the accommodations they recommend.  If you will need to take an exam at the CSD, you must submit a completed Exam Accommodations Form to them at least one week prior to the scheduled exam time to be guaranteed accommodation.


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