NYU Stern School of Business

Undergraduate College


Summer 2012

Instructor Details

Armony, Mor


(212) 998-0291

Tuesday and Thursday 11-12 or By appointment

Room KMC 8-62


Navaporn Surasvadi





Course Meetings

TR, 3:00pm to 5:55pm

Tisch T-UC24

Meetings:        Tuesday and Thursday,May 22 – June 28, 2012: 3pm – 5:55pm


Course Description and Learning Goals

This course serves as an introduction to Operations Management. The coverage of the discipline is very selective: We concentrate on a small number of powerful themes that have emerged recently as the central building blocks of world-class operations. We also present a sample of operations management tools and techniques that have been proved extremely useful over the years. The topics are equally relevant for physical goods and services.

We will meet over six consecutive weeks. Attendance in all sessions is required for full credit.


Course Outline

Session# + Date Topic Cases Homework
1)Tue, May22

Introduction Operating Systems

Benihana of Tokyo

Case assignment #1:Benihana

Personal information form
2)Thu, May24 Process Analysis

Kristen Cookies

Panama   Canal

Case assignment #2: Kristen Cookies / PanamaCanal

3)Tue, May29 Waiting Lines    
4)Thu, May31 Simulation

First City National        Bank

5)Tue, Jun 5 Linear Programming   Homework #1
6)Thu, Jun 7

Quality Management

Statistical Process Control

Ritz-Carlton case Case assignment #3:
7)Tue, Jun 12

Quality management in financial services

M.Pinedo Case Case assignment #4:
8)Thu, Jun 14 Project Management


Allied Distributing FCN(B)
9)Tue, Jun 19

Introduction to Inventory EOQ

Newsvendor model

Homework #2


Case assignment #5: L.L.Bean
10)Thu, Jun 21 The Beer Game    
11)Tue, Jun 26

The Goal

Final Review

Complete reading The Goal


Homework #3
12)Thu, Jun 28 Final Exam    



Assessment Components


Class Attendance & Participation: 10%

Case Assignments: 20%

Homework: 30%

Final exam: 40%

Attendance and Participation: Attendance is required in all class sessions for full credit. Students are also expected to participate in class discussion and other in-class activities. The use of computers and communication devices is not allowed during class sessions (with the exception of a few class sessions, in which we will be specifically using laptops). If you would like to use your laptop for the purpose of note taking, please discuss with the instructor.

Case Assignments: There are 5 case assignments. These may be prepared in groups of up to 4 people. One copy per group per assignment needs to be submitted at the beginning of the class session. Page limit: 2 page, 11pt, double spaced.

Homework Assignments: In addition to case assignments, there will be 3 homework assignments. These need to be prepared individually. Students may discuss the problems with others, but writing the report should be done alone.

Final Exam: The final exam will test you on all the material covered in the entire class. The exam is open books and open notes, and you will need a calculator.



At NYU Stern we seek to teach challenging courses that allow students to demonstrate their mastery of the subject matter.  In general, students in undergraduate core courses can expect a grading distribution where: 

Note that while the School uses these ranges as a guide, the actual distribution for this course and your own grade will depend upon how well you actually perform in this course.


Stern Policies

General Behavior
The School expects that students will conduct themselves with respect and professionalism toward faculty, students, and others present in class and will follow the rules laid down by the instructor for classroom behavior.  Students who fail to do so may be asked to leave the classroom. 


Collaboration on Graded Assignments
Students may not work together on graded assignment unless the instructor gives express permission. 


Course Evaluations
Course evaluations are important to us and to students who come after you.  Please complete them thoughtfully.


Academic Integrity

Integrity is critical to the learning process and to all that we do here at NYU Stern. As members of our community, all students agree to abide by the NYU Stern Student Code of Conduct, which includes a commitment to:

The entire Stern Student Code of Conduct applies to all students enrolled in Stern courses and can be found here:

Undergraduate College: http://www.stern.nyu.edu/uc/codeofconduct
Graduate Programs: http://w4.stern.nyu.edu/studentactivities/involved.cfm?doc_id=102505

To help ensure the integrity of our learning community, prose assignments you submit to Blackboard will be submitted to Turnitin.  Turnitin will compare your submission to a database of prior submissions to Turnitin, current and archived Web pages, periodicals, journals, and publications.  Additionally, your document will become part of the Turnitin database.


Recording of Classes

Your class may be recorded for educational purposes


Students with Disabilities

If you have a qualified disability and will require academic accommodation of any kind during this course, you must notify me at the beginning of the course and provide a letter from the Moses Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD, 998-4980, www.nyu.edu/csd) verifying your registration and outlining the accommodations they recommend.  If you will need to take an exam at the CSD, you must submit a completed Exam Accommodations Form to them at least one week prior to the scheduled exam time to be guaranteed accommodation.


Required Course Materials (available in bookstore):

Cases and Readings:  Digital Course-pack (also, some cases will be distributed in class, and somecan bedownloaded from the course web site)


The Goal:A Process of Ongoing Improvement”,third revised edition), by Eliyahu

Goldratt and Jeff Cox, North River Press,Inc.


Custom Text:Seventh edition of aPearson customized version with selected chapters from Operations Management; Heizerand Render; 10th Edition; Prentice Hall (2011)


Computer Software:Excel.


NYU Stern Code of Conduct

I expect every student to be familiar with the NYU Stern CodeofConduct: http://www.stern.nyu.edu/UC/CurrentStudents/CodeofConduct/CON_022122.Some of the ways in which the code applies to this course are discussed below:


•      The code of conduct stipulates that astudent will “exercise integrity in all aspects of our academic work including, but not limited to,the preparation and completion of exams, papers and all other course requirements by not engaging in any method or means that provides an unfair advantage.”

•      An individual’s name on a report should be included only if they have contributed to the analysis. If an individual has not contributed to the analysis in an intellectual manner, it is a violation of the code of conduct to include his orher name.

•      Furthermore,you may not refer to write-ups from classes offered in earlier semesters.

•      The premise of the code of conduct is that ideas should be attributed to their source. Therefore, please acknowledgethemain source(s) of data,facts, and ideas (other than from the instructor or textbook)in all your written work and when you make a presentation.If you use material from a source other than the lecturer, TA, the textbooks or the lecture notes,you must acknowledge the source. For example, say,“I obtained this from the following website.”

•      You may discuss the homework withyour classmates, TA or the Professor. However,you must write them down individually(excluding case assignments which are to be prepared in groups of up to 4 students). The discussion is limited to “how to solve”type of questions.Do not be concerned about getting a wrong answer in the case assignments. These will be graded based on effort. The two homework assignments will be graded based on effort and correctness.





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