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Please Note: Your University ID Number is a 9-character ID number starting with capital N.  It can be found on the back of your NYU ID card or in the "Preferences" screen on your NYU Home account.

Statistics Proficiency Exam: see below for eligibility

Students with a Statistics AP score of 4 or 5 that they have had sent to NYU are eligible to take the Statistics Proficiency Exam during Welcome Week.  Students who pass the exam will be waived from 4 of the 6 credit Statistics requirement, but will still need to complete STAT-UB 3 Regression & Forecasting Models (2 credits) and 4 more credits of elective in their time at NYU Stern.  Please note that passing the exam does not guarantee you a seat in STAT-UB 3 this fall; you may need to complete the course in a future semester.

Please RSVP for the Statistics Proficiency exam (below) by August 20th at 5pm to help us ensure the appropriate number of exams are ordered.  Confirmation e-mails will be sent by August 22nd.

A calculator is not required for the exam, but a simple 4-function calculator (i.e., add, subtract, multiply, divide) may be used (no graphing calculators or cell phone calculators allowed).  We will have a few calculators available, but do not guarantee to have enough for everyone, so you are encouraged to bring your own.  No formula sheets or other aids may be used in the exam.

A study guide for the exam may be downloaded.

If you have a qualifying disability that requires accommodations for exams, you should contact the Moses Center by August 22 to discuss the necessary documentation and procedures (Tel and TTY: +1-212-998-4980).

Yes, I have a 4 or 5 on AP Statistics that has been reported to NYU by the College Board, and I want to take the Statistics Proficiency Exam during Welcome Week.

Remember, this exam is not required for students who plan to take STAT-UB 103 or STAT-UB 1 in the Fall semester, and is only for students with a Statistics AP score of 4 or 5 who wish to be exempt from part of the requirement.

Information regarding Calculus Placement Exams can be found on the next page.