Below is a list of 42 values that are important to satisfaction at work.

1.   Please check ten (10) values that are important to you in your work.

Work ValuesDescription
  Advancement Demonstrate to others you consistently want to move on to better opportunities.
  Risk Taker Show you can assume duties that involve risk-taking of some sort.
  Aesthetics Be involved in studying or appreciating the beauty of objects or ideas.
  Achievement Desire to produce results that are considered significant and/or beneficial.
  Assertiveness/Aggressiveness Forcefully demonstrate energy or initiative; bold self-confidence.
  Belonging Have a strong sense of being a contributing part of an enterprise.
  Change & Variety Show you can adjust to frequent changes in work content and setting; seldom performing routine or predictable work.
  Competition Engage in activities where there are clear win/lose outcomes, and opportunities for advancement.
  Creativity Create new ideas, programs or servicess departing from those already in existence.
  Excitement To demonstrate a high degree of (or frequent) excitement in the course of your work.
  Fast Pace Show you can work in circumstances where there is a high pace of activity, and show you can do work rapidly.
  Flexibility Ability to adapt readily to new and changing work requirements.
  Friendships To develop close personal relationships with people as a result of your work activities.
  Help Others Strong desire to help other people in a direct way, either individually or in small groups.
  Help Society Work toward the betterment of the world you live in.
  High Motivation Show you have a strong desire to succeed.
  Independence Being able to determine the nature of your work without significant direction from others; comfortable working alone.
  Influence People Enjoy being in a position to influence the attitudes or opinions of others.
  Intellectual Status Being regarded as a person of high intellectual prowess or as one who is an acknowledged "expert" in a given field.
  Knowledge Your work environment values always learning more and increasing your knowledge base.
  Leisure Work that allows for significant time off for pursuing non-work activities.
  Location Work in a place that provides an excellent work environment.
  Make Decisions Have the responsibility to decide courses of action, policies, etc.
  Mental Challenge Show you can constantly face and resolve complex problems.
  Perseverance To persist in an undertaking despite opposition or discouragement.
  Physical Challenge Show you can work hard, despite the fact your job can make can make considerable physical demands upon you at times.
  Power & Authority To effectively control the work activities and/or destinies of other people, when necessary.
  Precision Work Show you can work in situations where there is very little room for error.
  Profit, Gain Show you have a strong desire to accumulate financial or material gain.
  Public Contact Show you are comfortable with lot of day-to-day contact with people.
  Recognition To be recognized for the quality of your work in some visible or public way.
  Security To desire job security and reasonable financial rewards.
  Stability Have work routines and duties that are largely predictable and not likely to change over a long period of time.
  Status Enjoy the respect and admiration of others because of the kind of work you do, and desire an important title or position.
  Strong Interest You value activities that are deeply engaging and intrinsically interesting.
  Supervision Work in which you are directly responsible for the work done by others.
  Team Orientation Strong desire for work with others on shared tasks.
  Tenacity Work that requires diligence to finish tasks or goals.
  Time Freedom Responsibilities where you can set your own time schedule.
  Willingness to Travel When necessary, you are willing to travel to accomplish your work.
  Work Under Pressure Work that involves time pressures and circumstances where the quality of your work may be judged critically by others.
  Work with Others Work that requires close relationships with a group, and striving for common goals.