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Involving and working closely with internal departments prior to your event, can maximize the success and impact of your event.  Below is an overview of various departments and the roles those departments can play in your event. 

Office of the Dean: Notify the Dean’s office of your proposed event date and location.  Doing so will avoid conflicting event dates and times, and help ensure a good audience.  Additionally, letters and other printed and electronic materials in which you wish to include the Dean’s signature or other reference to his attendance, etc., must be approved by the Dean’s office prior to distribution.  Contact the Office of the Dean or your Event Consultant for further information.  

Office of Public Affairs: You should contact the Office of Public Affairs early in the process for guidance on marketing and communicating your event.  Public Affairs can advise on invitations, publications and collateral to ensure the correct use of the Stern logo and brand, as well as determine if your event is press worthy.  Public Affairs can also provide support on publicizing your event on the website both before and after the event, depending on content and scope.  For more information, view the Publicizing Your Event section of this site or contact the Office of Public Affairs.  

Office of Development:  When selecting high profile speakers that may include Stern Overseers or other high-profile members of the Stern community, contact this office prior to any communication. In addition, larger events may be a good opportunity for corporate sponsorship, notify the Office of Development  directly for information.

Office of Alumni Affairs: Liaise with this office to invite alumni guest speakers, panelists or attendees.  You can target specific groups by industry, job function and affiliation through SWAP, the Stern Worldwide Alumni Platform.  Contact the Office of Alumni Affairs for further information.

Classroom and Event Technology Group (CETG): Work with CETG for your media and audio/visual needs. CETG will set-up and remove media equipment, can assess and provide guidance on needs for the event, and work with you to produce a final product (i.e., provide suitable web files for posting).  View the Online Media Request Form and contact the Stern IT helpdesk with specific questions.