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The Stern brand is an important part of the School’s reputational capital.  For this reason, any use of the Stern logo, name and brand in print or electronic media must be approved by Stern’s Office of Public Affairs.  This approval should be sought before any verbal or written agreement is given by any party at Stern to external collaborators, conferences or other activities. 

Similarly, agreement to allow an outside entity to use Stern School space for any reason must go through the Office of Public Affairs for approval. 

For guidance regarding these matters, contact the Office of Public Affairs. 

After receiving the appropriate approval for your event, it is necessary to present all internal and external communications materials related to your event to the Office of Public Affairs for review and approval.  Public Affairs is responsible for ensuring that your materials are consistent and compliant with Stern’s logo usage and branding policies.  Below are some guidelines for developing your promotional materials, including invitations, announcements, programs and web graphics.

Logo Usage

  • The logo may not be altered in any way.
  • Use of the square logo is preferred.  The horizontal version of the logo should only be used if presented within a design that absolutely cannot be adapted to use the square version.
  • If co-branding with internal Stern entities, the Stern logo supercedes other logos, including student clubs.    
  • If co-branding with other schools or companies, please notify the Office of Public Affairs for proposed usage and sequence.
  • Artwork for the logo includes a trapping line that determines space around the logo.  The trapping line should not be printed.
  • There should be a minimum of ½ inch of space between the logo and any text or other artwork.

For further information on logo rights and usage, contact the Office of Public Affairs.