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W4 - Syllabi

Sample syllabi are posted to provide you with additional information for the course registration process and may not reflect the final versions of the courses. Content, schedule, requirements, assignments, etc. may change. Please do not use these samples as a basis for buying textbooks, scheduling, preparing assignments, etc.

Please check the NYU Registrar's website for completed updated course information (i.e. day, time, faculty).

Summer 2013 Course Number:
ACCT-UB.0001.01 MW09:00-12:10 Prin of Financial AcctgDontoh, A.
ACCT-UB.0001.02 MW6:00-9:10 Prin of Financial AcctgCedergren, M.
ACCT-UB.0003.01 TR6:00-9:10 Fin Statement AnalysisKlein, A.
ACCT-UB.0004.01 MW6:00-9:10 Managerial AccountingZoni, L.
ACCT-UB.0021.01 TR6:00-9:10 Financial Reporting & DisclosureBildersee, J.
FINC-UB.0002.01 TR12:00-3:10 Foundations of FinanceSiriwardane, E.
FINC-UB.0002.02 TR09:00-12:10 Foundations of FinanceMa, X.
FINC-UB.0002.03 TR12:00-3:10 Foundations of FinanceWu, J.
FINC-UB.0007.01 MW3:00-6:10 Corporate FinanceAlbertus, J.
FINC-UB.0026.01 TR2:00-5:10 Debt InstrumentsSmolyansky, M.
Information Systems
INFO-UB.0001.01 MW3:40-6:50 Info Tech in Bus & SocietyNian, T.
INFO-UB.0001.02 TR3:00-6:10 Info Tech in Bus & SocietyChan, J.
INFO-UB.0043.01 MW6:00-9:00 Systems Analy & DesignPalley, M.
Management and Organizational Behavior
MGMT-UB.0001.01 MW12:00-3:10 Management and OrganizationsChen, X.
MGMT-UB.0030.01 TR12:00-3:10 Negotiation & Consensus BuildingPan, C.
MKTG-UB.0001.01 MW12:20-3:30 Intro to MarketingDzyabura, D.
MKTG-UB.0001.02 MW6:00-9:10 Intro to MarketingTully, S.
MKTG-UB.0001.03 MW6:00-9:10 Intro to MarketingLiu, Y.
MKTG-UB.0040.01 TR12:20-3:15 Entertainment & Media IndustriesNarayanan, S.
MULT-UB.0275.60 MW1:00-4:10 Business and Investment EssentialsGode, D.
Operations Management
OPMG-UB.0001.01 TR1:00-4:10 Operations ManagementLiu, Y.
Social Impact
SOIM-UB.0006.01 TR1:00-4:10 Law, Business & SocietyKowal, R.
STAT-UB.0001.01 MW09:00-12:10 Stats F/Business ControlBrabazon, K.