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W4 - Syllabi

Sample syllabi are posted to provide you with additional information for the course registration process and may not reflect the final versions of the courses. Content, schedule, requirements, assignments, etc. may change. Please do not use these samples as a basis for buying textbooks, scheduling, preparing assignments, etc.

Please check the NYU Registrar's website for completed updated course information (i.e. day, time, faculty).

Spring 2014 Course Number:
ACCT-UB.0001.01 MW08:00-09:15 Prin of Financial AcctgKraft, P.
ACCT-UB.0001.02 MW09:30-10:45 Prin of Financial AcctgKraft, P.
ACCT-UB.0001.03 MW11:00-12:15 Prin of Financial AcctgKraft, P.
ACCT-UB.0001.04 MW3:30-4:45 Prin of Financial AcctgKadach, I.
ACCT-UB.0001.05 TR08:00-09:15 Prin of Financial AcctgSchain, E.
ACCT-UB.0001.06 TR09:30-10:45 Prin of Financial AcctgDou, Y.
ACCT-UB.0001.07 TR11:00-12:15 Prin of Financial AcctgShehata, A.
ACCT-UB.0001.08 TR2:00-3:15 Prin of Financial AcctgDou, Y.
ACCT-UB.0001.09 TR3:30-4:45 Prin of Financial AcctgDou, Y.
ACCT-UB.0003.01 TR09:30-10:45 Fin Statement AnalysisCuny-Keane, C.
ACCT-UB.0003.02 TR11:00-12:15 Fin Statement AnalysisCuny-Keane, C.
ACCT-UB.0004.01 MW09:30-10:45 Managerial AccountingMaindiratta, A.
ACCT-UB.0004.02 MW2:00-3:15 Managerial AccountingXue, H.
ACCT-UB.0004.03 MW3:30-4:45 Managerial AccountingXue, H.
ACCT-UB.0021.01 MW2:00-3:15 Financial Reporting & DisclosureBildersee, J.
ACCT-UB.0022.01 MW11:00-12:15 Acquisitions, Other Restructurings and Related TopBildersee, J.
ACCT-UB.0023.01 TR2:00-3:15 Financial Modeling and AnalysisPerkal, D.
ACCT-UB.0030.01 TR2:00-3:15 Advanced Financial AnalysisYeo, J.
ACCT-UB.0049.01 R6:00-9:00 Entertainment AccountingGriff, L.
Business & Political Economy
BPEP-UB.0002.01 TR09:30-10:45 Intro to MacroeconomicsZin, S.
ECON-UB.0001.01 MW2:00-3:15 MicroeconomicsBowmaker, S.
ECON-UB.0001.02 TR09:30-10:45 MicroeconomicsDubra, J.
ECON-UB.0001.03 TR11:00-12:15 MicroeconomicsDubra, J.
ECON-UB.0001.04 TR3:30-4:45 MicroeconomicsDubra, J.
ECON-UB.0001.05 M09:30-10:45 MicroeconomicsHerskovic, B.
ECON-UB.0001.06 M09:30-10:45 MicroeconomicsPogorelova, L.
ECON-UB.0001.07 M11:00-12:15 MicroeconomicsPogorelova, L.
ECON-UB.0001.08 M11:00-12:15 MicroeconomicsHerskovic, B.
ECON-UB.0001.09 M3:30-4:45 MicroeconomicsRamos, J.
ECON-UB.0001.10 W08:00-09:15 MicroeconomicsMaltz, A.
ECON-UB.0001.11 W3:30-4:45 MicroeconomicsMaltz, A.
ECON-UB.0001.12 W3:30-4:45 MicroeconomicsCavallino, P.
ECON-UB.0001.13 R3:30-4:45 MicroeconomicsCavallino, P.
ECON-UB.0001.14 M09:30-10:45 MicroeconomicsFanning, J./Yu, S.
ECON-UB.0001.15 M2:00-3:15 MicroeconomicsRamos, J.
ECON-UB.0001.16 M3:30-4:45 MicroeconomicsFanning, J./Yu, S.
ECON-UB.0001.17 M3:30-4:45 MicroeconomicsEspinoza, F.
ECON-UB.0001.18 T08:00-09:15 MicroeconomicsSalazar, C.
ECON-UB.0001.19 W2:00-3:15 MicroeconomicsYu, S.
ECON-UB.0001.20 W3:30-4:45 MicroeconomicsEspinoza, F.
ECON-UB.0001.21 R08:00-09:15 MicroeconomicsSalazar, C.
ECON-UB.0001.22 R2:00-3:15 MicroeconomicsNegrelli, S.
ECON-UB.0011.01 TR2:00-3:15 Economics of Global BusinessFoudy, J.
ECON-UB.0011.02 MW09:30-10:45 Economics of Global BusinessWaugh, M.
ECON-UB.0011.03 MW2:00-3:15 Economics of Global BusinessWaugh, M.
ECON-UB.0015.01 MW2:00-3:15 Competitive AnalysisCabral, L.
ECON-UB.0211.01 MW11:00-12:15 Sports EconomicsBowmaker, S.
ECON-UB.0213.01 MW4:55-6:10 Psychology and EconomicsBowmaker, S.
ECON-UB.0220.01 MW3:30-4:45 Global Perspectives On Enterprise SystemsSmith, G.
ECON-UB.0222.01 TR3:30-4:45 Asian EconomiesFoudy, J.
ECON-UB.0234.01 TR11:00-12:15 Advanced Topics in Modern MacroeconomicsVeldkamp, L.
ECON-UB.0236.01 TR09:30-10:45 Advanced Microeconomics and Competition LawAsker, J.
FINC-UB.0002.01 MW09:30-10:45 Foundations of FinanceBrown, S.
FINC-UB.0002.02 MW3:30-4:45 Foundations of FinanceBrown, S.
FINC-UB.0002.03 TR08:00-09:15 Foundations of FinanceWurgler, J.
FINC-UB.0002.04 TR09:30-10:45 Foundations of FinanceWurgler, J.
FINC-UB.0007.01 TR08:00-09:15 Corporate FinanceAgrawal, A.
FINC-UB.0007.02 TR09:30-10:45 Corporate FinanceMarciano, A.
FINC-UB.0007.03 TR11:00-12:15 Corporate FinanceAgrawal, A.
FINC-UB.0007.04 TR2:00-3:15 Corporate FinanceAgrawal, A.
FINC-UB.0008.01 MW09:30-10:45 Advanced Corp FinanceLee, S.
FINC-UB.0008.02 MW2:00-3:15 Advanced Corp FinanceLee, S.
FINC-UB.0016.01 MW3:00-4:20 Alternative Investments II: Practices & ApplicatioRichardson/Jabban
FINC-UB.0022.01 MW2:00-3:15 Risk Management in Financial InstitutionsPhilippon, T.
FINC-UB.0022.02 MW3:30-4:45 Risk Management in Financial InstitutionsPhilippon, T.
FINC-UB.0026.01 TR2:00-3:15 Debt InstrumentsSmith, J.
FINC-UB.0035.01 T6:00-9:00 Real Estate Investment StrategiesVan N.
FINC-UB.0038.01 TR3:30-4:45 Real Estate Capital MktsHizmo, A.
FINC-UB.0039.01 W6:20-8:50 Real Estate Primary MarketsLeiber, F.
FINC-UB.0041.01 MW2:00-3:15 Equity ValuationHalov, N.
FINC-UB.0041.02 MW3:30-4:45 Equity ValuationHalov, N.
FINC-UB.0043.01 MW2:00-3:15 Futures & OptionsSundaram, R.
FINC-UB.0043.02 MW3:30-4:45 Futures & OptionsSundaram, R.
FINC-UB.0045.01 MW09:30-10:45 Investment BankingMurphy, C.
FINC-UB.0045.02 MW3:30-4:45 Investment BankingMurphy, C.
FINC-UB.0061.01 MW11:00-12:15 Topics in Entrep FincSmith, R.
FINC-UB.0087.01 TR11:00-12:15 Global Banking & Capital MarketsWalter/Smith
Information Systems
INFO-UB.0001.01 MW2:00-3:15 Info Tech in Bus & SocietyHorton, J.
INFO-UB.0001.02 MW3:30-4:45 Info Tech in Bus & SocietyHorton, J.
INFO-UB.0001.04 TR11:00-12:15 Info Tech in Bus & SocietyMantena, R.
INFO-UB.0001.05 TR3:30-4:45 Info Tech in Bus & SocietyMantena, R.
INFO-UB.0035.01 MW09:00-10:15 Fund of Computer SystemsJohar, H.
INFO-UB.0046.01 TR09:30-10:45 Dealing with DataKokkodis, M.
INFO-UB.0057.01 MW3:30-4:45 Data Mining for Business AnalyticsAdamopoulos, P.
INFO-UB.0060.01 MW11:00-12:15 Networks, Crowds and MarketsSundararajan, A.
Management and Organizational Behavior
MGMT-UB.0001.01 MW08:00-09:15 Management and OrganizationsSchaumberg, R.
MGMT-UB.0001.02 MW09:30-10:45 Management and OrganizationsSchaumberg, R.
MGMT-UB.0001.03 TR09:30-10:45 Management and OrganizationsPettit, N.
MGMT-UB.0001.04 TR11:00-12:15 Management and OrganizationsPettit, N.
MGMT-UB.0001.05 TR3:30-4:45 Management and OrganizationsPettit, N.
MGMT-UB.0001.40 TR09:00-4:40 Management and OrganizationsLeibel, E.
MGMT-UB.0004.01 TR2:00-3:15 Int'l Business MgmtDorobantu, S.
MGMT-UB.0004.02 TR11:00-12:15 Int'l Business MgmtDorobantu, S.
MGMT-UB.0008.01 TR2:00-3:15 Managing InnovationBoyle, E.
MGMT-UB.0009.01 TR2:00-3:15 Managing in Creative IndustriesCattani, G.
MGMT-UB.0011.01 MW09:30-10:45 International Studies Program:Fang, C.
MGMT-UB.0011.02 MW09:30-10:45 International Studies Program:Fischer, E.
MGMT-UB.0011.03 MW11:00-12:15 International Studies Program:Guth, W.
MGMT-UB.0011.04 MW11:00-12:15 International Studies Program:Foudy, J.
MGMT-UB.0011.05 MW2:00-3:15 International Studies Program:Jog, M.
MGMT-UB.0011.06 MW3:30-4:45 International Studies Program:Fischer, E.
MGMT-UB.0011.07 MW4:55-6:10 International Studies Program:Narayanan, S.
MGMT-UB.0011.08 MW6:30-7:45 International Studies Program:Narayanan, S.
MGMT-UB.0011.09 TR08:00-09:15 International Studies Program:Cattani, G.
MGMT-UB.0011.10 TR09:30-10:45 International Studies Program:Cattani, G.
MGMT-UB.0011.11 TR11:00-12:15 International Studies Program:Srivatsan, V.
MGMT-UB.0011.12 TR2:00-3:15 International Studies Program:Srivatsan, V.
MGMT-UB.0011.14 TR4:55-6:10 International Studies Program:Lamb, R.
MGMT-UB.0011.15 TR6:30-7:45 International Studies Program:Lamb, R.
MGMT-UB.0018.01 TR3:30-4:45 Strategic AnalysisMarciano, S.
MGMT-UB.0018.02 TR09:30-10:45 Strategic AnalysisMarciano, S.
MGMT-UB.0030.01 R4:55-7:45 Negotiation & Consensus BuildingHoward, E.
MGMT-UB.0085.01 MW11:00-12:15 Patterns of EntrepreneurshipGreenberg, J.
MGMT-UB.0085.02 MW2:00-3:15 Patterns of EntrepreneurshipGreenberg, J.
MKTG-UB.0001.01 MW09:30-10:45 Intro to MarketingDzyabura, D.
MKTG-UB.0001.02 MW11:00-12:15 Intro to MarketingDzyabura, D.
MKTG-UB.0001.03 MW2:00-3:15 Intro to MarketingDzyabura, D.
MKTG-UB.0001.04 TR08:00-09:15 Intro to MarketingBonezzi, A.
MKTG-UB.0001.05 TR09:30-10:45 Intro to MarketingBonezzi, A.
MKTG-UB.0001.06 TR11:00-12:15 Intro to MarketingBonezzi, A.
MKTG-UB.0001.40 TR9:00-1:00 Intro to MarketingMachfoedy, A.
MKTG-UB.0002.01 MW11:00-12:15 Consumer BehaviorMeyvis, T.
MKTG-UB.0002.02 MW2:00-3:15 Consumer BehaviorAssael, H.
MKTG-UB.0003.01 TR3:30-4:45 Advertising ManagementJacoby, J.
MKTG-UB.0009.01 TR09:30-10:45 Marketing ResearchHui, K.
MKTG-UB.0009.02 TR11:00-12:15 Marketing ResearchHui, K.
MKTG-UB.0019.01 R6:30-7:45 Business of PublishingKrishnan, K.
MKTG-UB.0021.01 M6:30-7:45 Entertainment FinanceKim, A.
MKTG-UB.0022.01 W09:30-10:45 Movie MarketingFaber, G.
MKTG-UB.0022.02 W11:00-12:15 Movie MarketingFaber, G.
MKTG-UB.0023.01 M6:30-7:45 Technology'S Imact On Entertainment & MediaBronikowski, J.
MKTG-UB.0025.01 M4:55-6:10 The Business of BroadwayScrofani, A.
MKTG-UB.0040.01 M4:55-6:10 Entertainment & Media IndustriesShamsai, P.
MKTG-UB.0040.02 M6:30-7:45 Entertainment & Media IndustriesShamsai, P.
MKTG-UB.0040.03 T2:00-3:15 Entertainment & Media IndustriesNarayanan, S.
MKTG-UB.0040.04 T3:30-4:45 Entertainment & Media IndustriesNarayanan, S.
MKTG-UB.0040.05 T4:55-6:10 Entertainment & Media IndustriesLieberman, A.
MKTG-UB.0040.06 W2:00-3:15 Entertainment & Media IndustriesYudkovitz, M.
MKTG-UB.0040.40 TR1:00-4:00 Entertainment & Media IndustriesLieberman, A.
MKTG-UB.0041.01 W11:00-12:15 Media PlanningAssael, H.
MKTG-UB.0044.01 W4:55-6:10 Television Management: Network, Cable/SatelliteShapiro, E.
MKTG-UB.0045.01 W4:55-6:10 Social Media StrategyKalter, M.
MKTG-UB.0046.01 M11:00-12:15 Globalization of The Entertainment IndustrySrivatsan, V.
MKTG-UB.0046.02 M2:00-3:15 Globalization of The Entertainment IndustrySrivatsan, V.
MKTG-UB.0047.01 T6:30-7:45 Sports MarketingMaster, S.
MKTG-UB.0049.01 T2:00-3:15 Business of ProducingLieberman/Badal
MKTG-UB.0049.02 W6:30-7:45 Business of ProducingNewman, P.
MKTG-UB.0051.01 R4:55-6:10 Craft & Commerce of Cinema:Tribeca Film FestLieberman, A.
MKTG-UB.0056.01 W3:30-4:45 Digital Business StrategiesNarayanan, S.
MKTG-UB.0060.01 TR09:30-10:45 New Product DevelopmentBollinger, B.
MKTG-UB.0064.01 TR11:00-12:15 Int'L Marketing MgmtMaheswaran, D.
MKTG-UB.0064.02 TR2:00-3:15 Int'L Marketing MgmtMaheswaran, D.
MKTG-UB.0080.01 R2:00-3:15 Leisure MarketingLieberman, A.
MULT-UB.0007.01 TR3:30-4:45 Decision Models: Spreadsheets & AnalyticsLobel, I.
MULT-UB.0014.40 MTWRF09:00-12:40 Stern Foundations: Business Essentials for Non-BusDontoh/Greenleaf/Mazzarese
MULT-UB.0016.01 T6:00-9:00 Advanced Decision ModelsZhang, J.
MULT-UB.0020.01 MW09:30-10:45 Game TheorySeamans, R.
MULT-UB.0023.01 MW3:30-4:45 Law Through The Lens of FilmHendler, R.
MULT-UB.0027.01 MW09:30-10:45 The Financial SystemZin, S.
MULT-UB.0027.02 MW11:00-12:15 The Financial SystemZin, S.
MULT-UB.0030.01 M6:00-9:00 Revenue Management and PricingCaldentey, R.
MULT-UB.0035.01 R6:20-9:20 Trading Strategies and SystemsDhar, V.
MULT-UB.0039.01 W6:30-9:15 Entrepreneurship 2.0Besner, G.
MULT-UB.0041.01 M4:55-7:55 Social EntrepreneurshipKickul, J.
MULT-UB.0045.01 :-: The Middle East: Cultures, Markets and StrategiesNarayanan, S.
MULT-UB.0048.01 R2:00-3:15 Entertainment LawHendler, R.
MULT-UB.0048.02 R3:30-4:45 Entertainment LawHendler, R.
MULT-UB.0051.01 MW2:00-3:15 Real Estate TransactionsCalderon, J.
MULT-UB.0070.01 T4:55-7:55 Social Innovation PracticumTaparia, H.
MULT-UB.0086.01 T2:00-3:15 Entrepreneurship & Law in PracticeHendler, R.
MULT-UB.0105.01 TR4:55-6:10 Experiential Learning Sem: Emerging Technologies iNarayanan, S.
MULT-UB.0151.01 MW3:30-4:45 Executive Practitioner SeminarCarr, J./Ferrara, J.
MULT-UB.0152.01 T6:20-9:05 Executive Practitioner Seminar: Financial ReportingGode, D.
MULT-UB.0210.01 MW00:00-00:00 Research Seminar in FinanceJohn, K.
Operations Management
OPMG-UB.0001.01 MW09:30-10:45 Operations ManagementPinedo, M.
OPMG-UB.0001.02 MW2:00-3:15 Operations ManagementPinedo, M.
OPMG-UB.0001.03 TR09:30-10:45 Operations ManagementXiao, W.
OPMG-UB.0001.04 TR2:00-3:15 Operations ManagementXiao, W.
OPMG-UB.0001.40 TR12:00-4:00 Operations ManagementArmony, M.
OPMG-UB.0006.01 R6:00-9:00 Supply Chain ManagementXiao, W.
OPMG-UB.0060.01 T6:00-9:00 Real Estate Development and EntrepreneurshipChernoff, H.
Social Impact
SOIM-UB.0001.01 M5:30-7:30 Business & Its Publics: Plenary & InquiryWiesenfeld, B.
SOIM-UB.0006.01 MW09:30-10:45 Law, Business & SocietyPatterson, M.
SOIM-UB.0006.02 MW11:00-12:15 Law, Business & SocietyCalderon, J.
SOIM-UB.0006.03 MW2:00-3:15 Law, Business & SocietyPatterson, M.
SOIM-UB.0006.04 TR08:00-09:15 Law, Business & SocietyKowal, R.
SOIM-UB.0006.05 TR09:30-10:45 Law, Business & SocietyMixon, R.
SOIM-UB.0006.06 TR11:00-12:15 Law, Business & SocietyMixon, R.
SOIM-UB.0006.07 TR2:00-3:15 Law, Business & SocietyKowal, R.
SOIM-UB.0006.08 TR3:30-4:45 Law, Business & SocietyKowal, R.
SOIM-UB.0006.09 TR3:30-4:45 Law, Business & SocietyBuchanan, B.
SOIM-UB.0006.40 TR12:00-4:00 Law, Business & SocietyKowal, R.
SOIM-UB.0012.01 TR3:30-4:45 Professional Resp. & LeadershipShoaf, R.
SOIM-UB.0012.02 TR3:30-4:45 Professional Resp. & LeadershipStimpfel, S.
SOIM-UB.0012.03 TR2:00-3:15 Professional Resp. & LeadershipShoaf, R.
SOIM-UB.0065.02 MW11:00-12:15 Organizational Comm & Its Social ContextWolff, A.
SOIM-UB.0065.03 MW3:30-4:45 Organizational Comm & Its Social ContextStehlik, S.
SOIM-UB.0065.04 TR09:30-10:45 Organizational Comm & Its Social ContextRubin, J.
SOIM-UB.0065.05 TR2:00-3:15 Organizational Comm & Its Social ContextPurdy, D.
SOIM-UB.0125.01 WF09:30-10:45 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseBuchanan/Meyerson
SOIM-UB.0125.02 WF09:30-10:45 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseCarr, J./Mangen, D.
SOIM-UB.0125.03 WF09:30-10:45 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseNewell, C.
SOIM-UB.0125.04 WF09:30-10:45 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseWalker/Menna
SOIM-UB.0125.05 WF09:30-10:45 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseLyon/Stimpfel
SOIM-UB.0125.06 WF11:00-12:15 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseBuchanon/Meyerson
SOIM-UB.0125.07 WF11:00-12:15 Business & Its Publics: DiscoursePatterson/Newell
SOIM-UB.0125.08 WF11:00-12:15 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseSylla/Lyon
SOIM-UB.0125.09 WF11:00-12:15 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseWachtel/Tanaka
SOIM-UB.0125.10 WF11:00-12:15 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseBrennan/Menna
SOIM-UB.0125.11 TR09:30-10:45 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseMarlowe/Carvana
SOIM-UB.0125.12 TR09:30-10:45 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseStatler/Wosnitzer
SOIM-UB.0125.13 TR09:30-10:45 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseWiesenfeld/Phata
SOIM-UB.0125.14 TR09:30-10:45 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseFoudy/Noren
SOIM-UB.0125.15 TR11:00-12:15 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseMarlowe/Gilmartin
SOIM-UB.0125.16 TR11:00-12:15 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseWhite/Wosnitzer
SOIM-UB.0125.17 TR11:00-12:15 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseWiesenfeld/Pluta
SOIM-UB.0125.18 TR11:00-12:15 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseFoudy/Noren
SOIM-UB.0125.19 TR2:00-3:15 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseSmith/Schenkler
SOIM-UB.0125.20 TR2:00-3:15 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseKabaliswaran/Telesca
SOIM-UB.0125.21 TR2:00-3:15 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseStatler/Wosnitzer
SOIM-UB.0125.22 TR2:00-3:15 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseSundararajan/Younger
SOIM-UB.0125.23 TR3:30-4:45 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseSmith/Tanner
SOIM-UB.0125.24 TR3:30-4:45 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseKabaliswaran/Telesca
SOIM-UB.0125.25 TR3:30-4:45 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseMelton/Smith
SOIM-UB.0125.26 TR3:30-4:45 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseStatler/Crumpler
SOIM-UB.0125.27 TR4:55-6:10 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseHolt/Hanssen
SOIM-UB.0125.28 TR4:55-6:10 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseMelton/London
SOIM-UB.0125.29 TR6:30-7:45 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseHolt/Stager
SOIM-UB.0125.30 TR6:30-7:45 Business & Its Publics: DiscourseCraig/Ward
SOIM-UB.2000.01 R09:30-10:45 Stern Intl Volunteers SeminarKowal, R.
STAT-GB.0027.01 M6:00-9:00 Mathematics of InvestmentTenenbein, A.
STAT-UB.0001.01 TR3:30-4:45 Stats F/Business ControlCao, W.
STAT-UB.0003.01 MW3:30-4:45 Regress/Forcasting ModelFrydman, H.
STAT-UB.0003.02 MW3:30-4:45 Regress/Forcasting ModelPerry, P.
STAT-UB.0003.03 TR11:00-12:15 Regress/Forcasting ModelBrabazon, K.
STAT-UB.0003.04 TR11:00-12:15 Regress/Forcasting ModelBrabazon, K.
STAT-UB.0015.01 R6:00-9:00 Stat Infer/Regress.AnalyGreene, W.
STAT-UB.0017.01 W6:00-9:00 Regression & Multivarite Data AnalysisSimonoff, J.
STAT-UB.0037.01 TR11:00-12:15 Life ContingenciesTenenbein, A.
STAT-UB.0103.01 MTR08:00-09:15 Stats F/Bus Cntl Regress & Forecasting ModelsGiloni, A.
STAT-UB.0103.02 MWR2:00-3:15 Stats F/Bus Cntl Regress & Forecasting ModelsPerry, P.
STAT-UB.0103.03 TRF09:30-10:45 Stats F/Bus Cntl Regress & Forecasting ModelsMelnick, E.
STAT-UB.0103.04 TRF08:00-09:15 Stats F/Bus Cntl Regress & Forecasting ModelsBrabazon, K.
STAT-UB.0103.05 TRF3:30-4:45 Stats F/Bus Cntl Regress & Forecasting ModelsShahmaei, A.
STAT-UB.0103.06 TRF2:00-3:15 Stats F/Bus Cntl Regress & Forecasting ModelsShahmaei, A.