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Departmental Policies & Procedures

For a full listing of your program's policies and procedures, please see the 2008 - 2010 Stern Bulletin.


Grading Information
Have questions about your grade? Find out more about how your grades are calculated as well as other pertinent grading information here.

Address Changes

Changes to your address can be made online via the Stern Web Information System. Alternatively, requests can be in writing by email, fax or mail. Please be sure to include your student ID # on your request.


Alumni Students

Alumni students may take up to three credits per semester after they graduate. Please note the following:


Auditing Courses

For information regarding Auditing Courses, please see the Academic Affairs website.


Business Writing Proficiency Requirement

For information regarding the Business Writing Proficiency Requirement, please view the Academic Affairs website.


Cross Registration

For Stern Students:

When registering for other NYU division courses, you must register through Stern. However, the courses should be approved by an advisor. Full-time students should see an MBA Academic Advisor prior to registering or the course must be on the Advising "Pre-approved Other NYU Division Course List", see the MBA Academic Affairs for further details. Part-time students should refer to the Langone Program Office for further information. In some cases, approvals are needed from the division. All cross registration is subject to seat availability.

For Non-Stern Students:

You may only register for a maximum of 6 Stern credits per term and you must register through your NYU program advisor. Depending on your NYU program, there is an overall 15-18 credit max for Stern courses. Please refer to the Non-Stern course registration page for detailed guidelines.

Students automatically get a Stern account after registering; this account must be activated in order to access Stern class resources.


Declaration/Change of Major or Specialization

Full and Part-Time Students:

The area of interest that you indicated on your application for admission to the Stern School will become your specialization. If you wish to change your specialization at any time, you may do so via your Remaining Requirements page. Please be reminded that while specializations are optional and all students graduate with a General Management major. Once a specialization has been declared it must be supported by the revelant course work and it is the student's responsibility to remove the specialization if the requisite course work has not been satisifed. For further questions, please contact your advising office: full-time students may contact MBA Advising and part-time students may contact the Langone Program Office.

Note: For part-time students in the former “major” curriculum, a change of major request may be made through the Langone Program Office.

Specializations are optional and not required for graduation. To be eligible to graduate with a specialization, all students must formally declare and point supporting courses to any declared specialization through their Remaining Requirements page. For questions regarding declaring specializations and pointing courses, please consult your advising office.


Default Policies for Stern Courses

For information regarding the Default Policies for Stern Courses, please view the Academic Affairs website.


Free Course

For information regarding the Free Course, please view the Academic Affairs website.


Grade Reports

You can generate an official semester grade report either  for company reimbursement purposes or personal use by logging in at https://ais.stern.nyu.edu. After logging in, look for
Program Progress (under the LINKS column) then click on Grade Report and select the relevant semester from the drop down box..


Independent Study

Important Guidelines:

  • Independent studies are for Stern MBA students only.
  • Independent studies are voluntary for both faculty and student
  • Independent studies require a written proposal of study prepared by the student and signed by the faculty.  The proposals will be presented to the department chair and require his/her written approval.
  • Independent studies may be for one and one-half (1.5) or three (3) credits, depending on the workload.  A three (3) credit independent study should have an intellectual load equivalent to a regular, three (3) credit course, as determined by the faculty.
  • Independent studies should not linger.  A grade should be assigned at the completion of the study.
  • The maximum number of credits from all independent studies should not exceed three (3) credits for any given student.
  • Independent studies do not involve course credit for the volunteer instructor.
  • Independent studies may not be used to give credit for work experience alone, including paid or unpaid internships.
  • Students are not eligible for independent study in their first semester.
  • Independent studies are only allowed on elective course work.

Upon approval by the department chair, the faculty must forward this form to the Office of Records & Registration (Attn: Jaclyn Shaw).


Intensive Module Courses
Winter (January-February) and Late Summer (August-September)

For information regarding the Intensive Module courses, please view the MBA Academics Affairs website.


Leave of Absence (Maintaining Matriculation)

For information regarding Leave of Absence (Maintaining Matriculation), please view the MBA Academics Affairs website.


Loan Deferment

Requests for verifications of loan deferments may be made at the Office of Records & Registration. Our office will verify on the deferment form the student's enrollment for the current semester and/or past semesters in which s/he was registered.

Loan deferments for each semester are processed on the first day of classes. For example: Fall semester deferments are processed in September; January for the Spring semester.

We cannot verify a student's enrollment for future semesters. However, we will verify your expected graduation date.

You may drop off the deferment form at the office or mail it to us:

44 W. 4th Street, KMC 6-100
New York, NY 10012

Please be sure that your signature and the loan agency's mailing address is on the form.


New York State Immunization Requirement

This is a reminder that New York State law requires that students attending colleges and universities within the State provide proof that they are immune to or have been immunized against measles, mumps, and rubella (German Measles). The law applies to all students born after December 31, 1956. Immune status will be checked as part of the registration process. Students who have not done so already, must submit proof of immunity or immunization before they will be permitted to register. In addition there is a meningitis vaccination awareness form that must be completed.

You may return the required forms or documentation from your health care provider with your registration materials or submit it directly to NYU Health Services:

726 Broadway, 3rd fl.
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212-443-1199
Fax: 212-443-1198

Forms are mailed to all new students with their admissions materials.


Recording Classes

By registering at NYU Stern, students acknowledge that they understand the following:

  1. NYU Stern records classes for administrative purposes and for use by instructors who may choose to make recordings available to
    students enrolled in the course.
  2. On occasion (for example, when an instructor is ill), we may make recordings available to students in sections of the course other than the one in which the recording was made.

Stern Scholar

A student in the M.B.A. Program will be designated "Stern Scholar" in the term that he or she completes the first 30 credits of Stern Graduate Division courses with no grades of incomplete and a grade point of average of 3.7 or above. (The student is eligible only once - during the term when he or she completes the 30th credit.)


Student ID Cards

More information about your student ID card can be found at the NYU Card website.



Official Copy (for transfer purposes)

Your request for an official transcript must be in writing with your signature. Please fax, mail or submit the request in-person. The transcript request form is available online for your convenience.

Unofficial Copy (for personal use only)

Requests for unofficial copies of your transcript can be made online. If you cannot access the on-line form, you can submit a transcript request form via e-mail, fax or mail.

Please Note: 

  1. NYU transcripts are free of charge.
  2. A maximum of 10 transcripts will be processed for each request.
  3. Transcripts cannot be faxed and requests cannot be taken over the phone.
  4. Your transcript will be ready in a maximum of 5 business days. If you are picking up the transcript, please bring your photo ID. You can check the status of your request by contacting the Office of Records & Registration at 212-998-0660.


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