Brexit has been the central topic of business and economic conversations this past week, and Stern faculty have been sharing their perspectives in the news. As the coverage continues, get the latest stories featuring Stern thought-leader​s​ on our website.

The Latest Headlines


"Brexit Will Erode the Values that Have Defined Europe"

Professor Ian Bremmer explores the difficult road ahead for leadership, immigration policy and the markets across Europe.

"If Great Britain Goes, So Could the English Language"

Professor Robert Salomon discusses the effect of Brexit on the English language for business and politics.

"Global Volatility to Stay"

Professor Nouriel Roubini addresses market volatility in the wake of Brexit at the World Economic Forum.

"The EU Needs to Make Sure Continental Countries Don’t Exit"

Professor Pankaj Ghemawat emphasizes the importance of keeping the rest of the EU intact.

"King Says Carney Calm Will Guide U.K. Through Brexit Uncertainty"

Lord Mervyn King discusses why political uncertainty is driving volatility in the financial markets in the UK.

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