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Welcome to Stern’s Information Technology (IT) services. Our mission is to enable our community to be productive, creative, effective, and efficient through the use of secure, robust, reliable, and cost-effective technology services and support. We are constantly exploring ways to leverage technology in our learning spaces, offices, and collaborative environments to enhance knowledge creation and community building.


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As our world goes wireless, Stern IT is creating a digitally mobile learning environment through enabling technologies on and off campus. Stern IT provides a wide range of services through its enterprise Operations, Client Services, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, Relationship Management, and Security units. 

Stern IT News…

Migration to New E-Mail & Calendar (Connect@Stern):  Stern has implemented a new messaging and collaboration system. Visit the Connect@Stern website to learn more.

Remote Access to Software Applications (Apps@Stern): Students, faculty, and staff can now use Stern licensed software from any computer that has internet access without installing the applications on the local computer. Visit Apps@Stern for instructions.

Support for Student Laptops: Stern IT provides tiered technological support for student laptops.  Students who have Stern branded laptops will receive complete support from our Dell certified staff. More details of the levels of support can be found on the network-support FAQ page.

Student Print Quota: As part of Stern’s green initiative, students will receive 2000 sheets of free printing through June 30th, 2008. For more details, please see the printing FAQ page.

Microsoft Office 2007: Stern IT now supports Microsoft Office 2007. We recommend that Office 2003 users download Microsoft’s compatibility pack (for Windows) or format converter (for Macintosh) to enable smooth file transfers between different versions of the Office software. An easy download guide can be found here. For more details, please see this website:

Microsoft Vista: Stern IT now supports the Vista operating system. As Stern uses many applications that do not yet work under Vista, we will move Stern PCs to Vista only by request. For more details, please see this website:

New AIS Webpage: Stern IT has begun to re-design the Stern Web Information System and will continue the update throughout the rest of the semester. Login AIS to see the new look and send your comments to

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