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Alfred Feld, BS '36 / MBA ’39

AFeldAlfred Feld, BS '36 / MBA ’39, is a true legend on Wall Street, recently reaching a rare milestone – 70 years at one firm.  Mr. Feld is the longest serving employee in Goldman Sachs' 134-year history.  His 70th anniversary at the firm was celebrated at the New York Stock Exchange on July 10, 2003, where along with Chairman and CEO Henry M. Paulson Jr., he rang The Closing Bell.  He was recently profiled on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Feld began his career at Goldman, Sachs & Co. in 1933 as an office boy on the partners’ floor.  Over the next six years, Mr. Feld attended NYU Stern (formerly known as NYU's School of Commerce) to complete his bachelor's degree, and then his MBA at night while working during the day.  Upon completing his undergraduate degree, he started working in the Research Department at Goldman Sachs.  Mr. Feld became a broker in 1948.  Today, he is a Vice President in Private Wealth Management. 

At the age of 88, he still works for the firm four days a week.  He also exercises regularly with a personal trainer at the firm’s private gym.  Outside of his work environment, Mr. Feld enjoys golf, bridge and dinner with friends.  Trading has turned into family business – his children, Marjorie and Arthur, are both brokers.

Mr. Feld has clients who have retained his services for over 30 years, and he does not plan to retire any time soon.