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Providing Discretionary Resources for Research

As an academic institution, the Stern School has as one of its key missions the pursuit of conceptual and applied research. Good teaching at the frontiers requires that those who teach are also actively engaged in the kind of research that commands the attention and respect of peers as well as business practitioners and public policymakers. This performance-oriented research capability is the basis for faculty staffing and advancement, the support of an active doctoral program to train the next generation of faculty, and the maintenance of a vibrant and interactive community of scholars focusing on global issues that matter.

The Stern School presupposes active faculty engagement in research and, to this end, makes substantial resources available. Superimposed on this, discretionary research support involving faculty release-time from teaching duties, summer support, research assistance, data acquisition and other necessary outlays can be extraordinarily productive in an academic setting. One of the key mandates of the Global Business Institute is to make such research support available to members of the faculty and doctoral candidates. It does this by linking the Institute to faculty members and doctoral students conducting original research on the international and global dimensions of their respective disciplines through fellowships.


  • Senior Fellows of the Institute comprise tenured members of the Stern School faculty.
  • Fellows of the Institute comprise non-tenured members of the Stern School faculty.
  • Visiting Fellows are faculty members from other institutions in the United States and abroad who wish to spend a period of time at the Institute conducting research and interacting in a mutually beneficial way with affiliated members of the Stern faculty. Visiting Fellows are carefully selected for their catalytic potential, notably joint work with Stern faculty and leveraging the Stern name into their home environments and the outside world.  The Institute provides Visiting Fellows with office space,  access to libraries and databases and various other forms of research support. Visiting fellows are expected to participate in faculty seminars, workshops and colloquia.
  • Doctoral Fellows comprise Ph.D. candidates pursuing studies in any academic discipline who have an interest in the international dimensions of that discipline. Doctoral Fellows are eligible for office and study space in the Institute as well as financial support, where appropriate, on a competitive basis.