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Rebecca Schaumberg

Rebecca Schaumberg

Joined Stern 2013

Leonard N. Stern School of Business
Tisch Hall
40 West Fourth Street, 7-19
New York, NY 10012

E-mail rschaumb@stern.nyu.edu

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Rebecca (Becky) L. Schaumberg joined New York University Stern School of Business as an Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations in September 2013. She teaches "Management and Organizational Analysis."

Professor Schaumberg's research focuses on the individual characteristics that promote leadership and positive employee outcomes. She currently conducts research on the benefits of moral character for job performance and leadership and the upside of agency-related traits (e.g., self-reliance, autonomy) for women's leadership outcomes. Professor Schaumberg's research has been published in leading management and psychology journals including the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and the Journal of Applied Psychology. It has also been covered by a variety of media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, the BBC and Forbes.

Professor Schaumberg received a B.A. in Psychology from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Stanford University. She currently teaches Management and Organizations.

Research Interests

  • Leadership
  • Gender and diversity
  • Moral character

Courses Taught

  • Management & Organizations

Academic Background

B.A., Psychology
Carleton College

Ph.D., Business Administration
Stanford University

Selected Publications

Schaumberg, R.L., & Flynn, F.J. (In Press) (2016)
Self-reliance: A Gender Perspective on its Relationship to Communality and Leadership Evaluations.
Academy of Management Journal

Lin, S.C., Schaumberg, R.L., Reich, T. (2016)
Sidestepping the rock and the hard place: The private avoidance of prosocial requests.
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 64, 35-40.

Schaumberg, R.L., & Flynn, F.J. (In Press) (2016)
Clarifying the link between job satisfaction and absenteeism: The role of guilt proneness
Journal of Applied Psychology

Schaumberg, R.L., & Wiltermuth S. S. (2014)
Desire for a positive moral self-regard exacerbates escalation of commitment to initiatives with prosocial aims.
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 123, 110-123.

Schaumberg, R.L., & Flynn, F.J. (2012)
Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown: The link between guilt-proneness and leadership.
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 103, 327-342.

Flynn, F.J., & Schaumberg, R.L. (2012)
When feeling bad leads to feeling good: Guilt-proneness and affective organizational commitment.
Journal of Applied Psychology, 97, 124-133.

Knowles, E.D., Lowery, B.S., & Schaumberg, R.L. (2010)
Racial prejudice predicts opposition to Obama and his health care reform plan.
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 26, 420-423.

Knowles, E.D., Lowery, B.S. & Schaumberg, R.L. (2009)
Anti-egalitarians for Obama? Group dominance motivation and the Obama vote.
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 45, 965-969.

Flynn, F.J., & Schaumberg, R.L. (2009)
Differentiating between grateful and indebted reactions to receiving help.
In S.R. Thye & E.J. Lawler (Eds.) Advances in Group Processes, Vol. 26 (pp.105-132). London: Emerald