Fiscal Year 2016 Report to our Donors

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  • Chih-Yang Tsai PhD*
  • William C. Oris MBA
  • IMS Consulting
  • UBS
  • Nomura
  • Robert A. Kavesh BS '49
  • Wei Yu
  • Ameeta MBA '92 and Varun Gosain
  • Eduardo Garcia Fernandez MBA '16
  • Thomas Vincent MBA '16
  • Taylor Stuart MBA '16
  • I. Tjhih Tan PhD '62
  • Angela Kun Kun Ko BS '16
  • David V. Scian in memory of Onorato Scian
  • Selma M. Friedman in memory of Paul J. Friedman MBA '87
  • Shelley F. Greenhaus MBA '78*
  • Cynthia G. Scheinfeld MBA '89*

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Our donors empower people to create value in the world—people like our students, our faculty and our alumni.


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NYU Stern had the biggest fundraising year ever thanks to your support

Stern hit a new fundraising milestone last year and raised $54.6 million - the largest annual amount ever - thanks to your generosity. Scholarships have been our top priority and we far exceeded our goal in this area, allowing us to significantly increase the amount of scholarships given to high-achieving, low-income students with the greatest potential. Because of your support, we can attract top students who go on to further our mission of creating value both for business and society; recruit preeminent scholars whose research and thought leadership help solve the challenges facing our global economy; and develop innovative curriculums that keep us at the forefront of business education. We are enormously grateful for your commitment to Stern and for making it a place of excellence. Thank you.

Peter Henry

Dean, NYU Stern

Geeta Menon

Dean, NYU Stern Undergraduate College

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