Construction Progress Report Archive

March 2009

The Concourse Project continues to move along smoothly with construction on the upper concourse in progress and construction in the Tisch and KMC lobbies slated for this summer.

Soon we’ll be preparing to install skylights on Gould Plaza, which will bring natural light into both the lower and upper concourses of Tisch Hall. In the coming weeks, we will be installing two temporary sheds on Gould Plaza that will surround the areas where these skylights will be installed. These sheds will be located along the front of the Plaza with a 15 foot gap between them to allow passage up the stairs and into the Plaza.

Additionally, we want to inform you that the KMC Lobby will be closed during the summer months so that we can renovate this space and create the connection to Tisch Hall. Access to the building will be through the Shimkin Hall lobby.

January 2009

Renovated Lower Concourse Opens January 20
Tuesday, January 20 is Inauguration Day... for the Lower Concourse in Tisch Hall.

We invite you to come down and visit the first completed concourse (central stairwell and additional connecting stairwell still to come) to see firsthand the new look and feel of Stern’s classrooms and student gathering spaces. The Ernst & Young Learning Center to support undergraduate students, and the new Faculty Behavioral Research Center, both on the Lower Concourse, will also open for use soon. Phase I of the Concourse Project is now officially complete.

Upper Concourse Construction Underway
During the holiday break, demolition started on the Upper Concourse and is almost finished. We will be building out this concourse level during the spring semester.

We are tracking on schedule and making continual progress on the renovations. We will keep you posted throughout the semester.

November 2008

Lower Concourse Construction Ahead of Schedule
The renovation of the Lower Concourse in Tisch Hall is moving ahead smoothly and is on schedule to reopen for the spring semester. At this stage, all of walls for the new classrooms are up and the ceiling is being installed.

Drilling for Tisch Central Stairway to Begin as Early as Next Week
As you've seen in the renderings, the renovated space will feature a stunning, central stairwell bringing natural light into the upper and lower concourse lobbies. Drilling for the stairwell will begin shortly and will last approximately two weeks. All drilling will take place after 10 p.m. to limit the disruption but expect some noise during the late evening and early morning hours.

NYU Construction in Schwartz Plaza (outside of Shimkin entrance)
We also want to make you aware that NYU is drilling outside of Stern's Shimkin entrance as they continue work on NYU's Cogeneration Plant, a project that will improve the University's energy efficiency as well as reduce emissions. This work will last approximately three weeks.

We will continue to make every effort to limit disruptions during construction. As always, we appreciate your patience and support.

June 2008

We are making progress on the Concourse Project and are well into Phase I, which is focusing on the Lower Concourse.

The demolition and build-out of Shimkin basement, the future home of some of our IT colleagues and the Help Desk, is nearly complete. We have already begun demolition of the Lower Concourse.

During this phase, we will also be erecting a false exterior wall between the planked columns on the façade of Tisch that will serve as the front of a four-sided protective shed to be installed in the Tisch Lobby. To do this work, we will be closing the Tisch Lobby from June 28-July 6, which we expect to be a light traffic week due to the July 4 holiday. Entry to Tisch Hall will be through the Kaufman Center using the pass-throughs on the 8th floor and on the UC level.

We are working with the architects’ Branded Environments team to enhance the aesthetics of this shed, which will be designed and fabricated before MBA pre-term or freshmen orientation begin.

We will keep you posted on developments and, as always, appreciate your patience and support.

April 2008

Concourse Project construction in Tisch and Patron’s lobbies fully commences this month.

During this construction phase, Tisch and Patron’s lobbies will remain passable, and Schimmel will remain in use. A new exterior wall will be constructed across the entire loggia of Tisch Hall, complete with two new entry doors that will replace the existing entranceways into the building. The stairwell closest to the Kaufman Center will remain accessible to descend to the Upper Concourse level, and the one on the opposite side will be closed for construction purposes. An enclosed partition will be erected in the center of Tisch lobby, descending through the Upper Concourse level, to prepare for the future addition of a central staircase that will ultimately connect the LC, UC and lobby floors.

We will continue to keep you apprised of construction activity and appreciate your continued patience and support during this time of transition.

December 2007

The Concourse Project is a major construction endeavor for the Stern School to renovate the Upper and Lower Concourses, connect the Tisch, KMC and Shimkin buildings, and create brand consistency among the three building lobbies, the welcoming spaces into our community.

Throughout this project, which will kick into full gear in late spring 2008 and run through late fall 2009, some of the public spaces and classrooms, including those that research centers, administrators and students use for events, receptions and club meetings, will be affected.

We appreciate your support and cooperation during this transition period.

Tisch and Patrons' Lobbies
In preparation for the renovations planned for the Concourses and Tisch Lobby, a protection shed, complete with a plywood tunnel down through to Patrons' Lobby, will be constructed in the Tisch Lobby starting as early as the week of April 6, 2008. Both lobbies will be passable, and Schimmel will be in use. However, Patrons' Lobby will be closed as an event space until the completion of the Concourse Project, projected for late fall 2009. We know that spring is a busy event period and encourage you to explore alternate spaces at Stern and the Kimmel Center.

Lower Concourse Lobby
Preparations for construction in the Lower Concourse lobby will also begin in April 2008, rendering it unusable until late fall 2009.

KMC and Shimkin Lobbies
We are planning branding design work in both lobbies during summer and early fall 2009. Both lobbies will be open and accessible during this phase.

We are planning construction during May-August 2009 in UC-70, current home to the MBA study lounge and Beer Blast. During this time of year, we expect mostly Langone summer session students to be on campus, and they will have other study spaces available to them during this time period.

Classrooms on the Upper and Lower Concourses
Construction of the Upper and Lower Concourse classrooms will take place in two phases:

Lower Concourse - June 2008 through January 2009
Upper Concourse - January 2009 through August 2009

In order to accommodate the classes that are being displaced during this time, we will be maximizing the utilization of classrooms throughout the Stern complex. This will impact the availability of classrooms for club meetings and other non-class related events.

We will continue to keep you apprised of construction updates and how they may affect you, your areas and your constituents. Thank you for your continued support as we undertake a significant upgrade of our physical space.

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